December 31, 2019: What beverage should I serve at my New Year’s Eve party?

holiday spritzer

Make this Holiday Spritzer! When trying to avoid sugar or gluten, beer, soda and other popular beverages are not an option. Rather than getting stuck with water or another boring drink, why not serve something everyone will love? The combination of sweet citrus, sour cranberry and spicy ginger plays well with the flavors of the season. Offer some flavored vodka or rum to spike it up a notch.


December 30, 2019: What gluten-free foods can I eat to help me sleep well?

Gluten-Free Bedtime Snacks for a Better Night's Sleep

Relaxation techniques, modern mattresses and soothing sounds can all go a long way in improving sleep, but diet is often overlooked as an impactful factor. Certain gluten-free foods, however, contain nutrients that can make it much easier to fall asleep. Here are five gluten-free bedtime snacks to enjoy for a better night’s sleep.

December 29, 2019: Can I kiss my partner if they’ve just eaten gluten?

Gluten-Free Valentine's Day

Many people wonder whether gluten particles in the mouth or lipstick or lip balm will cause a reaction. Find out what experts believe here. 

December 28, 2019: I just got a juicer! What can I make with it?

Spicy Sweet Zinger

Juicing (especially as part of a short “fast” from heavy foods and junk foods) can give your digestive system a rest and pump in nutrients more easily absorbed than from other dishes. Make these juices all at once while you’ve got the juicer out and seal each in a tightly capped jar in the refrigerator for up to three days.

December 27, 2019: I was just diagnosed with celiac disease. What’s the most important thing to know?

Nurse Showing Patient Test Results On Digital Tablet

When you have newly diagnosed celiac disease or gluten sensitivity and must adopt the gluten-free diet, start with fresh, naturally gluten-free foods. Check out our guide, Newly Diagnosed Celiac or Gluten Sensitivity, for more tips to get you started.

December 26, 2019: Do you have any great recipes that incorporate quinoa?


You can’t go wrong with Hearty Quinoa Fried “Rice.” This hearty dish has all the fantastic flavor of classic fried rice but stars the gluten-free nutritional powerhouse grain quinoa. 

December 25, 2019: What is an easy dessert I can bring to a holiday potluck?

How about these delicious Peanut Butter Pretzel Balls? These have all the classic flavors of chocolate peanut butter cups but with the added crunchy texture of salty pretzels. In addition to being a buffet favorite, they make great holiday gifts for family and friends.

December 24, 2019: What is a refreshing winter salad recipe to serve before a holiday meal?

Try this Goat Cheese & Citrus Appetizer Salad! An uncomplicated appetizer salad of mixed baby greens with goat cheese, orange segments and pomegranate seeds sets the scene for an elegant dinner.

December 23, 2019: Any last-minute advice on handling the gluten-free diet at holiday gatherings?

The holidays are a time of celebrations, food and family, but they can also come with a heaping side of stress, especially for those who are on the gluten-free diet. Use these 6 tips to enjoy holiday gatherings without worry and dealing with family or friends who just don’t quite understand.

December 22, 2019: Help! I need some easy holiday cookie recipes.

gluten free soft pumpkin cookies

If you’re rushing around this holiday season but still want to bake some cookies, “scoop and bake” cookies are for you. These easy-to-make holiday cookie recipes are perfect to enjoy at home and also make sweet homemade holiday gifts.