August 30, 2019: Is flavored coffee gluten free?

Flavored coffee is generally gluten free. For example, all of the coffees offered in K-Cup® packs are gluten free. (One coffee-based drink with other ingredients added, The Café Escapes® French Vanilla Café-au-Lait K-Cup® pack, contains wheat.) Learn more about flavored coffee here.

August 26, 2019: How worried should I be about those “may contain” statements on food labels?

Perhaps no other phrase on a food package is more unsettling to a gluten-free consumer than an allergen advisory statement. Statements warning of shared equipment, shared facility or the even more ominous “may contain wheat” may make consumers feel like manufacturers are trying to hide something. Learn just how concerned you should be about those statements here.

August 25, 2019: Happy National Waffle Day! What’s a good gluten-free recipe to celebrate with?

Try our delicious take on the breakfast treat with these Tapioca Waffles. In addition to being gluten free, these waffles are grain free and Paleo friendly because they use tapioca flour, which comes from the root of the cassava plant. This recipe results in a crispy waffle with a fluffy center.

August 23, 2019: Do you have any good cocktail recipes to try out this weekend?

Try this recipe for a Sparkling Sidecar! This tasty cocktail turned into a light summer drink is perfect for watching a sunset, enjoying a backyard barbecue or chasing fireflies.

August 22, 2019: Can stress in childhood lead to Celiac Disease?

Autism Spectrum Disorder and Celiac Disease

Some people are genetically at higher risk for developing the condition, but not everyone in this category actually gets the disease. No matter what your genetic risk level is, it takes some combination of life events — from gluten exposure to stress on your immune system — to activate the autoimmune attack that defines celiac disease. Here’s some new information on the role stress in childhood may play when it comes to developing Celiac Disease.

August 21, 2019: Are spices and spice blends really gluten free?

Are Spices Gluten Free?

There has always been rumbling that manufacturers may add flour to stretch out their spices and that silicon dioxide – incorrectly – contains gluten.

There has also been some concern that cross contamination, perhaps from seasoning mixes that sometimes do contain gluten, might be a problem. But many of the big spice companies say outright that their pure spices are gluten free. And we now have testing results to give us the facts about spices. Read the gluten test findings here.


August 20, 2019: August is National Sandwich Month! What’s a good gluten-free option to try?

Chicken salad is a summer staple, and this recipe adds some different flavors to mix things up. This sandwich has fresh basil and green onions for a healthy and tasty meal. Don’t forget to use gluten-free bread!


August 19, 2019: Can cryotherapy help relieve symptoms of gluten exposure?

Cryotherapy for Celiac and Autoimmune Diseases

Some suggest that cyrotherapy, or cold therapy, can relieve many symptoms for those with chronic pain and autoimmune diseases like celiac disease. Since up to 50 million Americans suffer from autoimmune diseases, could this icy treatment be a solution? Learn more here.

August 18, 2019: What’s a no-cook breakfast option I can enjoy to switch things up?

Banana Cream Monkey Bowls

A no-cook breakfast can be filling and refreshing on a weekend or, because it’s so fast, any work or school day! In these Banana Cream Monkey Bowls, nuts and oil add substance, and the cinnamon plays perfectly off the sweet fruits.