June 26, 2019: Any suggestions for cutting out refined sugars from my diet?


Eliminating or greatly reducing refined sugars can benefit health and longevity. Checking labels is the key if you are interested in cutting sugar consumption. Read our guide to going gluten and refined sugar free here.

June 25, 2019: Should I be concerned about gluten in my makeup?

In order for gluten to be harmful to a person with a gluten intolerance it must be ingested. Check out our article on the myths surrounding gluten allergies and makeup here.


June 25, 2019: Is beer gluten free?


Most beers aren’t gluten free, and until recently gluten-free options were limited. But now there’s many tasty products available, including Glutenberg beer. The Gluten-Free living taste testers tried some out. Watch here.

June 24, 2019: Do I have to keep a gluten-free kitchen?

Kitchen Appliances: Risk of Cross-Contamination?

Some people with celiac disease or gluten sensitivity choose to keep a gluten-free kitchen to avoid cross-contamination. But there are steps you can take to keep a shared kitchen safe. Read more about a gluten-free kitchen and a shared kitchen here.


June 23, 2019: Is gluten sensitivity real?

Gluten sensitivity has been identified as a real medical condition, with characteristics that distinguish it from celiac disease. Read more about gluten sensitivity here.


June 22, 2019: Happy Summersgiving! How do I celebrate it without gluten?

Gluten-free stuffed turkey breast

Created in 2009 after an impromptu barbecue complete with cranberry martinis, Summersgiving is the first Saturday after the summer solstice. It should include a a turkey dinner with all the fixin’s. Check out our gluten-free twist on a traditional turkey dinner. 

June 21, 2019: It’s the longest day of the year! What’s a cool drink recipe for the first day official of summer?

Celebrate summer with this refreshing and sweet Pineapple, Cucumber & Mint Cooler. All you need is a three ingredients, a blender and 30 second. 

June 20, 2019: Is flavored coffee gluten free?

Flavored coffee is generally gluten free. For example, all of the coffees offered in K-Cup® packs are gluten free. (One coffee-based drink with other ingredients added, The Café Escapes® French Vanilla Café-au-Lait K-Cup® pack, contains wheat.)

Learn more about flavored coffee here.



June 18, 2019: Do you have an awesome pizza recipe?

Zucchini, yellow squash and onion add a smoky flavor to this scrumptious Pesto Pizza when they first spend a little time on the grill.

June 17, 2019: Can I make gluten-free tartlets?

Absolutely! These three tasty recipes for gluten-free tartlets from Chopped Junior winner Maizy Boosin offer a variety of seasonal flavors in an adorable package.