January 7, 2020: How can I eat more fruits and vegetables in winter when nothing’s in season?

Gluten-free citrus salad recipe

During the summer, finding fresh, local, healthy vegetables is as easy as going to your local farm stand or farmer’s markets. And even in January, your local farmers may still have root vegetables in cellar storage, such as potatoes, carrots or sweet potatoes. Winter is also when citrus is at its very best, so get your fill of beautiful blood oranges and Meyer lemons while you can. This super-simple Citrus Salad can be made with whatever citrus fruits you can find, and it’s a perfect healthy breakfast for any day of the week.

January 6, 2020: I’m in the mood for soup tonight; which one should I try out?


Thai-Inspired Creamy Chicken Soup is slightly spicy and slightly sweet, dairy free and full of nutrients to make an all-in-one meal perfect for lunch or dinner. It can be made up to three days ahead and chilled, warming just before serving.




January 5, 2020: Can you help me figure out how to read a food label?

The information in our handy ingredients index will help you read a food label. It is based on the research we have done by interviewing experts in the field of food science.


January 4, 2020: What’s an easy breakfast my kids can help make?

This recipe for Protein Pancakes is a great way to start the day with lots of energy and a great introduction to cooking for aspiring young chefs.


January 3, 2020: If I’m gluten free, should my pets be, too?

Many people with celiac disease go to great lengths to remove traces of gluten from their home, without realizing pet food may be an irritant. Dogs are in close contact with us in bed, in the kitchen and in the car. If you feed your pet in the kitchen, your dog licks or kisses you or you are sensitive to airborne gluten, dog food with gluten could pose a problem. Learn more here. 


January 2, 2020: How can my family set realistic goals for the New Year?

Don’t do resolutions, start small, find some balance. Read more about these and other tips from Dr. Liz Cruz, who has put together seven health hacks that you can implement with your family that will help guide you.