September 27, 2019: Should I be concerned about gluten in my makeup?

In order for gluten to be harmful to a person with a gluten intolerance it must be ingested. Check out our article on the myths surrounding gluten allergies and makeup here.


September 25, 2019: I’ve been bitten by the travel bug. Where can I go that’s off the beaten path but also gluten-aware?

With its stunning natural beauty and Mediterranean climate, Croatia – located at the crossroads of Southeast and Central Europe – is fast becoming a tourist destination. And, there’s plenty of gleuten-free eats to sample while you’re there. For more, here’s our guide on gluten-free Croatia. 

September 24, 2019: Do you have a simple pasta recipe?

Homemade Gluten Free Pasta

Here’s Junior Chopped champion Maizy Boosin’s recipe for homemade pasta. If you want to make more of a project out of it, mix the dough in a bowl. It’s the same process as the food processor, but it’s way more fun for young kids!

September 23, 2019: It’s the first day of fall! What are some good seasonal recipes?

Slow Cooker Tuscan Chicken with creamy parmesan polenta

Dust off that slow cooker and try these recipes from Chef Jilly Lagasse. Make weeknight dinners a breeze with these family-friendly meals. 

September 22, 2019: How can I keep my kitchen gluten free?

Kitchen Appliances: Risk of Cross-Contamination?

Some people choose to have a completely gluten-free kitchen, with little or no gluten-containing foods. Others who share a kitchen with family members who do eat gluten set up procedures to prevent cross-contamination.

Find tips for sharing a kitchen here.

September 21, 2019: What are my options for healthy whole grains on a gluten-free diet?

wheat field

The gluten-free diet includes a variety of healthy whole grains, including amaranth, buckwheat, corn, millet, quinoa, rice, sorghum and teff. A whole grain contains the bran, germ and endosperm.

September 20, 2019: What’s an interesting way to spice up chili this fall?

Warm chili recipe with a secret ingredient

This rich chili recipe gets some of its heat from zesty spice and chili peppers. And it’s sure to satisfy a hungry crowd thanks to a surprising ingredient – pumpkin. Perfect for game day.

September 16, 2019: It’s my first time hiring a gluten-free caterer— any advice?

Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Gluten-Free Caterer

When you’re shopping around for a gluten-free caterer, it’s okay to ask lots of questions. This is one area that is crucial to making your day a success! Caterers are used to getting plenty of questions about dietary accommodations, so don’t be shy in an interview with a caterer. For our list of questions to ask a potential caterer, click here.

September 15, 2019: Is mole sauce gluten free?

Mole, a traditional Mexican sauce made with chiles and chocolate, typically does contain gluten as a thickener. However, the dish can be prepared gluten-free, such as with this recipe for Chicken Mole.