Today's Tip: What’s a snack I can make that will help me get my veggies in?

These on-the-go BBQ Kale Crisps are a great way to get your veggies in and only have a few ingredients, while still give you a nice crunch. Add your own twist with any favorite seasoning.


January 18, 2019: I’m heading to Las Vegas this weekend. What gluten-free food should I try?

Luckily for you, special diet accommodation has become commonplace in Vegas, making the experience that much more delicious. Thus, here are our current picks for the 10 best gluten-free bites in Las Vegas. Have a fun trip!

January 16, 2019: Is distilled vinegar gluten free?

Vinegar is accepted as gluten free by major celiac disease centers and support groups. In the United States most distilled white vinegar is made from corn. Learn more here.

January 15, 2019: Do you have any keto dessert recipes?

You’ll only need a blender to prepare this super simple Keto Cookie recipe. Savory, sweet and crispy, these keto treats will satisfy all your cookie cravings.

January 14, 2019: I’m in the mood for soup tonight; which one should I try out?


Thai-Inspired Creamy Chicken Soup is slightly spicy and slightly sweet, dairy free and full of nutrients to make an all-in-one meal perfect for lunch or dinner. It can be made up to three days ahead and chilled, warming just before serving.

January 13, 2019: Would it benefit me to consult a dietitian about the gluten-free lifestyle?

When, why and how to see a dietitian on the gluten-free diet

The National Institutes of Health consensus statement on the management of celiac disease advises consulting with a skilled dietitian. The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Evidence Based Nutrition Practice Guideline for celiac disease says medical nutrition therapy provided by a registered dietitian is strongly recommended for individuals with celiac disease. Learn about what happens during a consultation, finding a good fit in a dietitian and more.