Gluten-Free Shopping Habits

I have thought a lot about my shopping habits for gluten-free food since they have changed dramatically over the past twelve years.

Twelve years ago, pretty much all of my gluten-free food was purchased online and shipped to me from specialty grocers or directly from the vendor.

Today, I am able to find gluten-free foods at stores such as Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods and Mrs. Green’s, but I am also able to find gluten-free foods at Stop and Shop. There are products carried or produced at local bakeries and local specialty stores as well. I still have a couple of products I order online, but I mostly purchase product from store shelves these days.

If product is widely available on store shelves, what happens to entrepreneurs trying to get a new product off the ground by using online ordering? People still shop online for lots of things readily available in stores, will that remain true for gluten-free food?

I was just curious about the shopping habits of others, where do you buy most of your gluten-free flour, mixes, baked goods and other products? Please comment!
Kendall Egan