Farmer’s Market Treat

My cheeseburger blog prompted a comment about eating less meat and I am totally on that bandwagon, which is why I love my Farmer’s Market.

I purchase so much produce every week—bags of lettuce, berries, beets, carrots, corn and soon the first tomatoes will be arriving. There’s actually dirt on this produce since it is so recently pulled from the earth. Other delicious, gluten-free offerings include local honey and wines and artisanal cheeses. There are chicken, beef and fish vendors and I have tried each. It’s worth limiting meat intake and then splurging on some grass fed beef!

One of my very first blogs was about the pickle vendor and his wonderful kraut and he is still there with mushrooms, peppers and the best sour pickles I’ve ever eaten.

Guess what else I bought last weekend? A gluten-free pumpkin muffin! Meredith’s Breads has a kiosk filled with delicious looking baked goods and I have always skipped it. On a whim, I looked over the baked goods and I saw that I had a choice of gluten-free carrot or pumpkin muffins. The pumpkin muffins were very moist with a nice pumpkin spice flavor and I will check back on Sunday to see if there are any more.

I know there is great disappointment at Starbuck’s discontinuing the gluten-free cake, but I’m finding specific gluten-free foods to eat everywhere I go these days. Have we arrived at a point where we might expect gluten-free offerings to be commonplace?