The future of Redbridge Gluten-Free Beer

There was a ripple of news on social networking sites yesterday about the future of Anheuser -Busch’s gluten-free Redbridge beer. On Twitter there were tweets that said the company was planning to discontinue the beer next month.

But a company spokesman late yesterday told Gluten-Free Living the beer giant has no plans to discontinue Redbridge in the near or distant future. He was perplexed about the rumor and said he had no idea where it might have come from.

Just recently, Gluten-Free Living was told that the beer was selling extremely well, so we were not sure what to make of rumors of Redbridge’s demise. Until we officially hear otherwise, we are going to count on the continued availability of a product that is appreciated by a significant segment of the adult gluten-free community.


In other news about gluten-free offerings from a well known national chain, Starbucks is now selling”lucy’s” gluten-free cookies at select locations. The Virginian-Pilot reported that Starbucks this week began stocking the Norfolk company’s cookies in 6,000 of Starbucks’ 11,000 locations nationwide. The newspaper said Starbucks is waiting to see how successful they are before saying anything about further availability.

The pre-packaged cookies are part of Starbucks lineup of “on-the-go” snacks. Chocolate chip, sugar and cinnamon flavors are available at $1.50 for four or $5.95 for 16. In addition to being gluten-free, the cookies do not contain milk, butter, eggs, casein, peanuts or tree nuts. They are also cholesterol and trans fat free. Several stores, including Whole Foods, also sell them.

In addition to “lucy’s” cookies, Starbucks this week added a variety of gluten-free snacks, including Food Should Taste Good chips, Two Moms in the Raw granola, several fruit snacks, and nuts.

The company discontinued it’s pastry-case gluten-free Orange Valencia cake almost as fast as Conan is being squeezed off the Tonight show at NBC.

We’ll have to wait to see if the gluten-free cookies get a longer run, more like Jay Leno.


Gluten-free goody goes national at Starbucks

Starbucks just announced that a gluten-free cake will be available at all Starbucks nationwide beginning May 5.

The company has been testing gluten-free items in some of its stores, but this is the first product to be offered everywhere. The launch was announced on Starbucks blog, called My Starbucks Idea: Ideas in Action. The blog says the gluten-free Orange Valencia Cake with Almonds was designed, named and merchandised based on consumer comments made on the blog.

The cake will be sold in the pastry case and labeled “gluten free,” two things consumers also said they wanted. With Starbucks in so many places, gluten-free consumers all around the country will now have a chance to enjoy a little cake with their coffee!

This is another example of a large mainstream company deciding the lucrative gluten-free market deserves some much needed attention. To that we say, bottoms up!