Good Source Foods Enters Snack Market with New Gluten-Free Offerings  

A new Wisconsin-based brand is offering a different kind of gluten-free snack, one designed to satisfy, but with a focus on health.

Good Source Foods officially launched on Sept. 3 with a line of three chocolate clusters, each made to provide different benefits throughout the day.   

The different chocolate clusters feature ginger root for a morning brain boost function, cayenne pepper to spice up your afternoon and metabolism, and lavender powder should provide a way to relax at night  nighttime calming, according to the company. Also the snacks are packed with protein and soluble fiber to satisfy hunger.

Good Source co-founders John Byrnes and Scott Repinski say they wanted to offer snacks that are as close to eating whole foods as possible.

By relying on a few, whole food ingredients, the snacks shouldn’t provide the highs and lows of heavily processed foods.

“We’re targeting a mid-range glycemic index to help avoid the highs, lows and crashes that so many of us experience when we eat conventional snacks,” said Repinski. “The combination of low-sugar, high-protein, and soluble fiber creates slow-metabolizing carbohydrates that give our bodies more energy over an extended period. Fresh, whole foods are always best, but when fresh is not possible, our Good Source snacks are a smart choice.”

The snack market is seeing more growth than any other food and beverage segment. Last year, Americans ate more than 836 million ready-to-eat snacks.

Byrnes and Repinski said they saw an opportunity to provide a healthy alternative two years ago, which is when the idea for Good Source Foods came together.

The new products are made with ingredients designed to provide benefits at certain times of day.

For example, the company’s Morning Jump cluster is made with ginger root, which studies indicate may help with brain function and memory. Almonds, pomegranate seeds and blueberries are also included for memory.

The Afternoon Boost snack has walnuts, cayenne pepper and dried apples. Antioxidant rich walnuts, studies show, enhance cognitive performance while cayenne pepper may boost metabolism and lessen food cravings.

Evening Calm contains dried cherries, which are a natural source of the sleep-enhancing hormone melatonin. It also contains lavender for a calming effect, as well as turmeric, honey, walnuts and oats.

Good Source Foods is targeting whom it refers to as “mindful eaters” – those who take the time read labels with an eye toward natural ingredients.

All Good Source Foods products are manufactured in-house at their SQF certified manufacturing facilities in St. Francis, Wisconsin. The snacks are Non-GMO Project Verified, gluten free, and made with all-natural ingredients without the use of industrial emulsifiers. The dark chocolate clusters come in resealable 4-oz packages as well as 1.5-oz packages. Purchase them online through the company’s website, and are set for distribution with Unfi Supervalu and Niemann Foods, Inc.

Product Roundup: Grownup Treats

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For those times when a craving strikes, whether sweet or savory, these products are sure to satisfy grownup tastes. This weekend, kick back with an adults-only beverage and treat yourself with one of these product picks.

Say cheese

Cacique Cotija: This robust, salty artisan cheese from Mexico adds a whole new level of flavor to a variety of dishes. Just crumble, grate or even melt this intense but lovely cheese on tacos, soup, salads—anything you want to kick up a notch!





Flip for chips

Way Better Snacks Avocado Ranch Tortilla Chips: These zesty, mouthwatering tortilla chips are certified gluten free—and yummy. The creamy cool of the avocado perfectly balances the zing of ranch. Packed with sprouted flax seed, chia and quinoa, absolutely no trans fats, and full of healthy omega-3 fatty acids, these chips will satisfy your snack craving without the guilt associated with traditional tortilla chips.


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Edoughble Edible Cookie Dough: Eggless cookie dough that’s safe to eat has arrived! Working on its mission to craft the best cookie dough ever tasted, Edoughble produces two indulgent gluten-free varieties: Chocolate Chip Off the Ol’ Block and Peanut Butta Cup. Taste a spoonful of this heavenly handmade treat and you’ll swear it came right out of the mixing bowl.




Once you pop, you can’t stop

Quinn Snacks Microwave Popcorn: Whether staying in for girls’ night, poker night or movie night, Quinn Snacks’ microwave popcorn will be a crowd-pleaser. Not only is this tasty snack available in a range of deliciously grown-up varieties, including Maple Kettle Corn and Parmesan & Rosemary, but it truly delivers on the brand’s real-food promise. You add the oil and seasoning yourself after
popping, which allows for the use of more
natural ingredients.

Check the price on Amazon!

And for those times when you’re able to spend more time preparing apps and snacks, check out these fantastic recipes:

Barbecue Kale Chips


Classic Deviled Eggs

Pigs in a Blanket




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These mini bursts of protein are available in 3 delectable flavors your whole family will love: Chocolate Caramel Bliss, Cookies & Crème Dream (yes, cookies & crème is now gluten-free) and new Dark Chocolate & Sea Salt Caramel. D’Lites range from only 110-130 calories and are made with all-natural premium ingredients, no high fructose corn syrup or sugar alcohols. You can feel good about indulging in a D’Lite! Keep snacking easy, simple and most of all delicious this school year with NoGii D’Lites.

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Gluten-Free Drinks and Snacks for Summer

The kids are off for three months, but summer fun is for adults, too! Put a couple of these refreshing beverages in your cooler before heading out to soak up some sun. When packing up for an excursion, include some of these easy on-the-go snacks to keep everyone satisfied.

Refreshing Grown-Up Beverages


Truly one of a kind 

At only 100 calories and one gram of sugar per bottle, Truly Spiked & Sparkling is the perfect way to enjoy a cool summer drink without compromising your waistline. Available in a variety of crisp, clean flavors like Sicilian Blood Orange and Colima Lime, you’ll want to keep your cooler stocked with these spiked waters all beach season.






Don’t worry, beer happy

Traditional ginger beer gets a grownup makeover with Farmer Willie’s Alcoholic Ginger Beer. This tasty drink has not only all the revitalizing flavor of a regular ginger beer but also about four times less molasses than its nonalcoholic counterparts, so you can enjoy all the taste without the added sugar.



No troubles, just bubbles

On a hot summer day, there is nothing quite like a thirst-quenching beverage to help you kick back and relax. Whether you are at the beach or having a barbecue with friends, Spike Seltzer drinks are delicious all on their own or used in a fun mixed drink.




You vodka be kidding me

Deep Eddy’s line of flavored vodkas makes for the perfect addition to any fun summer cocktails. With bright, seasonal flavors like sweet tea, ruby red grapefruit and peach, there is no end to the concoctions you can create at your next get-together.


Easy Beach Snacks

Don’t skip the chips

Think potato chips have to be bland? Think again! These new flavor-packed kettle-cooked chips from Cape Cod are infused with fresh ingredients that will forever change how you look at everyone’s favorite sandwich side. From robust Mediterranean to spicy jalapeño, these bold varieties are sure to tantalize your taste buds.





One smart cookie

Something sweet is just what you’ll need after spending a day by the salty sea. These gluten-free Archway Cookie Thins are perfect to pack in your beach bag for snacking between invigorating dips in the ocean and lively volleyball games.






Fan-ta-stick snacks

These flavorful pretzel sticks from Snyder’s are the perfect on-the-go snack for busy summer afternoons. Grab one or both of the new flavors, Hot Buffalo Wing and Honey Mustard & Onion.






Bounty of bites

For an indulgent treat that will satisfy your sweet tooth, try these truffle-like bites from Larabar. Ideal for a beach day or picnic, these vegan and dairy-free delights contain just five to six simple ingredients.






Healthy gluten-free crackers

Gluten-Free snack crackers made from chickpea, green and red lentil, yellow pea and pinto and navy bean flours are both healthy and tasty, according to a report published in Food Research International.

Researchers at a Canadian food processing development center saw “untapped potential in consumer appeal and health benefits” when these ingredients, called pulses, are used, according to Food Navigator.

The researchers said pulses contain: complex carbohydrates -including dietary fiber, high protein, B-vitamins, folates, iron, antioxidants and polyphenols.

As a result of the study, the chickpea cracker formulation will be tested in a commercial-scale processing trial.

The researchers did note that the market for gluten-free crackers is getting saturated, but argued there is still room for products that are nutrient rich.

I would agree. Anytime there is growth in the number of healthy gluten-free options, it’s good for everyone who is gluten free.