Clipping Gluten-Free Coupons

In the wake of all the bad economic news of late, there are lots of reports about people who have gone back to coupon clipping.

Not long ago, most of us claimed we were to busy to bother cutting coupons out of newspapers and magazines or, in a sign of the times, printing them off the Internet. Maybe we were all a little snobbish about saving a dime here and a dollar there.

But now we seem to be rethinking the balance between time and money and getting out the scissors again.

Just in time, gluten-free shoppers have a new source of coupons tailored to their special diet. It’s a website, The site is run by Kathleen Reale, who says it is “the first and only web site to offer coupons, samples and sharing to gluten and food allergy-free consumers. ” Everything on the site is free — a good thing when you are looking to save money.

You can sign up to get free samples and coupons sent to your mailbox. Yes, that means the little box visited six days a week by your postal delivery person.

You’ll also get some email, including a product review newsletter and tips on where to find gluten-free money-saving offers online. If you have other food restrictions in addition to gluten, you can specify that when you sign up. You do have to register. Kathleen says you will get offers tailored to your family if you give her some information about you and yours. She also promises never to sell or share the information with “anyone ever.”

Kathleen’s website says she was diagnosed with celiac disease four years ago and decided to mesh her new gluten-free diet with her experience as the owner of an event marketing and in-store demonstration company.

If she can demonstrate how we can cut costs and still live and eat well gluten free, we’ll be happy.