The Gluten-Free Reuben

Part of the fun of posting to a blog is reading what your colleagues are posting. I too went to the Farmer’s Market over the weekend and returned home with a nice selection of organic and locally grown vegetables. But the real reason I attend Rye’s Farmer’s Market is to visit the pickle guy.

The tangy aroma of vinegar draws people to his booth to sample sour pickles, mushrooms and most importantly for me, the sauerkraut. His homemade sauerkraut is the best and it makes the most delicious gluten-free Reuben sandwich.

On the way home I will stop for lean corned beef and then I’m ready to prep this delicacy. My open faced Reuben’s are piled high with a healthy spread of spicy mustard, corned beef, sauerkraut and Swiss cheese. The secret is to thoroughly toast the bread first so it doesn’t get soggy when placed under the broiler.

With a sense of adventure and endurance for trial and error, a gluten-free version of anything is possible. My gluten-free Reuben may not do my arteries any good, but it sends my taste buds into orbit.