Gluten-free finds in a mainstream list of healthy foods

I always like lists of food. Healthy food. Quick food. You name it, when I see a list I’m magnetically drawn to look at the whole thing.

In particular, I love to find items that happen to be gluten-free on mainstream lists of good-for-you food. It reinforces my perspective that you can find a decent selection of gluten-free products that are pretty healthy.

So, you know when Prevention magazine put out a new list of 27 packaged foods they love, I was right there to find out how many are gluten free. The magazine says it asked experts to come up with products that are less processed and healthier than most things you get in a package. They also wanted the items to be convenient and budget friendly.

By my tally, 17 of the 27 are gluten free. They include everything from yogurt, to black bean dip, to salsa and guacamole. There’s salmon, peanut butter and fruit spread, chicken broth, whole grain brown rice and even a yummy sorbet. That’s a pretty wide variety if you ask me.

Those of you who love Larabars will be happy to know they were one of the items chosen. Under “Why we love it,” Prevention said, “The blend of raw fruits, nuts and spices make this snack as real as processed gets.”

Ironically, almost everything on the list that is not gluten free is made with whole wheat. But we all know there are gluten-free substitutes for whole wheat bread and pasta that are pretty healthy themselves.

All in all, this round up of products made the list lover in me very happy!