Gluten-free cookie-dough ice cream

In the 16 years since my daughter, Amanda, was diagnosed with celiac disease, a stunning number of foods have gone from wishful-thinking to actual products on store shelves.

A short list:

Pretzels — first the hard kind Amanda and I tried to make by squeezing dough out of the corner of a plastic bag into skinny sticks (Not very successfully!) and now the soft kind sold by both Miss Roben’s ( and Noah’s Pretzels (

Hostess Hoho’s — pretty good copies have been made by Shabati ( for a few years.

Bagels — made by a number of companies, with decent ones ( now available at my local Giant supermarket (this was another goodie we use to try to make following multiple steps that I seem to remember involved both boiling in water and then baking.)

Pizza and beer — we devoted a whole section of Gluten-Free Living (It’s in the Spring 2007 issue) to these two previously elusive items.

You get the picture.

I have to admit I still get pretty excited when something new is available. I found gluten-free whoopie pies ( in another local grocery and called my daughter at college even as I was loading up my shopping cart.

But some of the thrill has faded. I think we have come to expect all the ingenious gluten-free chefs out there to whip reluctant gluten-free flours into all the foods or our dreams.

Still, my heart went aflutter recently when I read about a company that makes gluten-free cookie dough ice cream. (Technically its a dairy-free frozen dessert.) This is a product I never thought anyone would go to the trouble to make — but here it is.

I tried to buy a pint of Turtle Mountain’s Purely Decadent cookie-dough flavor ( right away just because it seemed so wonderful. Alas, it was sold out locally. So I can’t tell you how Amanda thought it tastes. Right now that doesn’t seem matter — though it will in the long run if the “ice cream” is to last. For now it’s enough that someone decided to make it at all.