Simple Pleasures

I went to the Suffolk county Food Fair on Sunday and it was a rip roaring success. They had over 50 gluten-free vendors there and had to turn away another 20 or 30 for space reasons. There were plenty of samples available and you could easily have eaten breakfast and lunch just by walking around tasting things. Another plus was the ability to buy products all under one roof and without a shipping charge.
My prize purchase was two long baguettes and a half dozen rolls from Everybody Eats. While there are plenty of really good GF bread products currently available, Everybody Eats is in a league of its own. Toasted, the baguettes crunch as well as the very best wheat-containing baguettes you remember from your gluten-eating days, maybe even better.

So far I have eaten them for breakfast topped with a soft boiled egg or cottage cheese and for lunch, topped with a thin layer of mayo, slices of ripe tomato and plenty of salt. Divine. Absolutely divine. Simple. Healthful. Delicious. These products are pricey but worth every penny. I will be very sad when they are gone.
It was a lovely day but for one down note. In a food-laden milieu, no one cares about magazines! In the great scheme of human pleasures, gulping down good information is just not in the same league as gulping down good food. Still we love what we do, and since we are all on a gluten-free diet, we eat, too, and enjoy that.
The “take home” message is this: Our gluten-free lives have gone from difficult, even sometimes pitiful, to glorious in a few short years. Who needs a cure? I certainly don’t. A baguette, a tomato and sunshine and I am a happy woman!