Day in the Life: Jess Madden – doctor & celiac disease patient

Jess Madden has the unusual perspective of being both a doctor and a celiac disease patient. In addition to her work as a neonatologist, she is a mom to four children and writes the blog, The Patient Celiac. Read about her typical busy day as she prepare for the New York City Marathon.

Celiac disease drugs under study

Several drugs to treat celiac disease are currently being studied. Find all the details here, and see how you can volunteer to help researchers looking into new ways to protect patients from gluten cross-contamination.

A day in the life of gluten-free restaurant manager Brad Holtzman

Brad Holtzman, a partner and the general manager of the gluten-free restaurant, Taquitoria, on New York City’s Lower East Side, is relatively new to the gluten-free community. Still, he thinks he understands what gluten-free diners want.