A New Full Feeling

I went out to dinner last night, which isn’t unusual because I go out to eat all the time. What was unusual is what happened after I went to bed, I was so full that I couldn’t fall asleep right away.

I haven’t had the feeling of being so full that I was uncomfortable after eating out in at least a decade. As a celiac, I don’t hit the bread basket. My appetizer is usually a vegetable of some sort. My entre typically consists of a filet of fish, beef or chicken with a side of potato or rice or vegetables. My dessert, and I always order dessert, is either sorbet or a Crème Brule.

Last night I ate at Café Rustica, a restaurant in Great Neck, NY that was hosting the Celiac Sister’s 2nd Annual Fundraiser for the Celiac Disease Center at Columbia University.

The entire menu was gluten-free and it was pretty expansive—pizza, pasta, veal plus three different salads and desserts. So I hit the bread basket more than once, cheese bread and breadsticks. I had a Citrus Salad, followed by breaded veal cutlets with a lovely side of julienned vegetables. Dessert was a “silk and satin” cake which was half chocolate mousse and half cheesecake.

I was full early on, but I just kept eating. It was there, it was gluten-free and it all tasted good. I waddled to my car for the drive home and was grateful that I had selected a dress that had no buttons around my waistline.

I have come home from parties or BBQ’s famished, I have felt pleasantly satisfied after most meals eaten in restaurants and now I have experienced for the first time since my diagnosis eating way, way too much at one sitting! I hope the Celiac Sister’s slept well last night, they really put on a great event.