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January/February 2017



Celiac disease:
Look at the bright side!

By Susan Cohen

For someone who has just been diagnosed with celiac disease or gluten sensitivity, the news can be both welcome and overwhelming. With so much to learn about the gluten-free diet, it can be easy to focus on what one has to give up versus what one gains. January offers the chance to focus on the wonderful things that happen following a diagnosis.




Gluten-free loving

By Angela Sackett

Get to know Tim and Lisa Mourer, who own The Happy Mixer Gluten Free Bakery inn Chalfont, Pennsylvania. Their cases overflow with decadent and delicious pastries, cookies and more, providing a safe and cozy place for those eating a gluten-free diet to fully enjoy their very own sweet treats.





Leave your New Year’s diet out in the cold

By Amy Jones, M.S., R.D., L.D.

Is there a better way to lose weight than traditional dieting? Intuitive Eating and mindful eating are “non-diet” approaches backed by research and now making headlines as ways to improve your relationship with food and more naturally manage your weight for life.





Are bacteria to blame?

By Kyrsten Bean

Groundbreaking research has been making headway, speaking to the possible influence of gut bacteria on celiac disease. This article explores the possible role of bacteria in inflammation resulting from gluten ingestion.






Eat your way through LA

By Anna Sonnenberg

Join Travel Editor Anna Sonnenberg as she explores the gluten-free highlights in various neighborhoods throughout the City of Angels.






Where to find your probiotics

By Jennifer Harris

Many gluten-free companies are meeting consumer demand for probiotics by adding GanedenBC30®, an allergen-free, vegan, kosher, halal and non-GMO-certified probiotic strain, to their products. Learn more about probiotics and which gluten-free products contain them.





Whole grains away from home:
The 2016 Whole Grains Council Conference

By Amy Jones, M.S., R.D., L.D.

From fine dining to fast food, whole grains are trendy, according to presenters at the 2016 Whole Grains Conference in Chicago. This is great news for people on the gluten-free diet. More whole grains means more choices beyond white rice on the menu. It also means more nutrition in every bite. Get the lowdown on the ancient grains increasing in popularity.




Irish OatsYou can make WHAT with Irish oats?!

By Kristen Oliveri

From sushi to risotto, Flahavan’s Oats is leading the way in developing innovative gluten-free dishes utilizing Irish oats. They’ve even provided three delicious recipes!







GF Goes Vegetarian
Lightening up classically heavy dishes

By Isadora Lassance

Eating healthier in the new year doesn’t have to mean sacrificing fun and flavor. These lightened-up versions of classically heavy dishes will leave you satisfied without feeling stuffed.




Paleo PrimerNot Just Gluten Free!
A Paleo primer

This issue’s Not Just Gluten Free section features the Paleo diet, which aligns well with the gluten-free diet. In fact, everything that is Paleo is acceptable on a gluten-free diet. Read this introduction to the Paleo diet to decide whether you might want to try it.





CavewomanNot Just Gluten Free!
Eating like a cavewoman

Author Diane Sanfilippo talks about her history with the Paleo diet, its positive impact on her health and the second edition of her book, Practical Paleo.






Not Just Gluten Free!
Paleo for your pleasure

By Laura Hahn

Chef Laura Hahn created a full gluten-free Paleo meal perfect for the season, including a decadent chocolate dessert for a healthy Valentine’s Day treat.





Cookbook CornerNot Just Gluten Free!
Cookbook Corner

If you have heard of the Paleo diet but are not really sure what it entails, these two cookbooks are the perfect introduction. Even if you decide the Paleo diet is not the right fit for you, these delicious gluten-free recipes will add some welcome new options to your repertoire.





Squirrel and the BeeNot Just Gluten Free!
Grainless Goodness

Michelle Retik opened the grainless bake shop and café Squirrel & the Bee after successfully treating her ulcerative colitis with a strict dietary regimen. And if you can’t make it to Short Hills, New Jersey, to try the scrumptious breakfast, lunch and dessert options, Squirrel & the Bee now offers online ordering.





Make It In Minutes
Quick, easy and gluten free

By Elizabeth Barbone

These four dishes are delicious, gluten free—and best of all, they can be whipped up in minutes or prepared in the slow cooker!





Cheap & Cheerful
Takeout favorites get healthy makeovers

By Jilly Lagasse

This issue’s Cheap & Cheerful highlights three fantastic recipes to make your takeout favorites at home. Eating better can and should be fun as well as delicious, so break out some of the chopsticks you’ve collected on takeout nights past and really get into it!





Kids’ Kitchen
Banana nut breakfast jar

By Jilly Lagasse

Your little ones will have a blast with this recipe, but don’t be surprised if you adults end up making yourselves a breakfast jar of your own. They are a fantastic, healthy start to anyone’s day.






Family Matters
Sending (HERSHEY’S) hugs & kisses to The Sweetest Place On Earth

By Jessica Press

Tucked among the farms and factories of Easter Pennsylvania, The Hotel Hershey and Hershey Lodge make it refreshingly easy for gluten-free families, couples and groups to have a truly carefree getaway this Valentine’s Day, and beyond..



Cooking Class
Smart cookies

By Richard Coppedge Jr.

Whether baking for your child’s Valentine’s Day party or your special sweetheart, use these seven tips to produce the perfect batch.







Mix it up:
News, tips, reviews, advice and more

Award-winning gluten-free beers
By Michael Savett

Bone symptoms of celiac disease
By Susan Cohen

  Healing the mind and body after gluten exposure
  By Jennifer Harris

   TOP 5: Dining out gluten free
   By Jennifer Harris

  …and more!



Study Sessions

By Van Waffle

New research looks at the pitcher plant for possible celiac disease treatment. We also discuss study findings on the newly released best practices recommended for children with celiac disease, the possible increased risk for kidney disease associated with celiac disease, a pilot study of a screening program for celiac disease in children, cancer in first-degree relatives of people with celiac disease and the risk of altering the diet in unhealthy ways to avoid symptoms of non-celiac gluten sensitivity.




Office Hours

By Amy Jones, M.S., R.D., L.D.

Amy Jones, a dietitian and celiac disease support group leader, answers questions about gluten-free labels and disclaimers.






New for You

Compiled by Julia Aparicio

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