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September/October 2017

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Going back gluten free

By Heather Burdo

Worried about sending your gluten-free student off to school? These tips will help you both start the year with confidence.






Gluten Free: A gut-wrenching documentary

By Jennifer Harris

News Editor Jennifer Harris spoke with filmmaker Bailey Pryor about his documentary Gluten Free, which started airing on PBS in May. Find out what he hopes it will accomplish for the gluten-free community.






Raising the gluten-free bar

By Kristen Oliveri

Restaurant chain bartaco didn’t set out to become a gluten-free-friendly brand; it was a “happy accident.” Find out how this taco-themed restaurant showcasing bright flavors and clean food has taken gluten free to a new level.






The case for gluten free

By Van Waffle

The gluten-free diet has emerged from the dark ages of rice cakes thanks in part to Shelley Case, RD. Her first self-published book on the topic, Gluten-Free Diet: A Comprehensive Resource Guide, made waves in the celiac community in 2001. She has published a new book, Gluten Free: The Definitive Resource Guide, which contains more information than ever. Recently she spoke to us about the book and how she’s made it more user friendly.






GF Goes Vegetarian
Sacking the Sandwich

By Isadora Lassance

These four dishes not only spice up your brown bag, they’ll give you something to look forward to all morning and keep you going all afternoon.





Make It In Minutes
Ease Into Autumn

By Elizabeth Barbone

These four seasonal recipes welcome fall with bold flavors—and easy prep!







Cheap & Cheerful
One-Pan Wonders

By Jilly Lagasse

Preparing these gorgeous Cheap & Cheerful one-pan meals will probably be the easiest part of your day—and absolutely the tastiest. They also make cleanup a breeze!





Not Just Gluten Free!
Take a Vegan Voyage

By Laura Hahn Carroll

Cooking both vegan and gluten free can be tricky, but with some thought and creativity, you’ll realize that the possibilities are endless. These recipes are easy to prepare and provide some great options if you want to try eating vegan. Have fun with it and try adding your own spin.




Not Just Gluten Free!
Gluten-free vegan breads on the rise

By Jennifer Harris

Made without any dairy, eggs, cheese butter or other animal byproducts, vegan breads are getting their much-deserved time in the spotlight. We highlight nine companies creating vegan gluten-free breads full of flavor, fiber and protein.





Not Just Gluten Free!
Cookbook Corner

Even if you’re an avowed carnivore, going meatless a day or two a week can actually add some variety to your meals. The creative recipes in this edition of Cookbook Corner from two vegan cookbooks help open the door to a new way of looking at food, flavor and fun.






Not Just Gluten Free!
Is a vegan diet right for you?

By Heather Burdo

There’s no doubt that following a vegan diet can provide extraordinary health benefits. Learn more about these benefits and whether the vegan diet could help you.





Not Just Gluten Free!
Going vegan for autoimmune disease

By Heather Burdo

An autoimmune disease occurs when the immune system doesn’t function properly and mistakes healthy cells for foreign invaders and starts attacking itself as result. It’s important to keep yourself educated on your autoimmune disease and discover ways to manage it to prevent further damage. One major area to consider is your diet. A vegan diet, in which one cuts out not just meat but all animal products, including dairy and eggs, is one option to consider when committing to a lifestyle change.



Kids’ Kitchen
Triple-Decker Kids’ Quesadillas

By Maizy Boosin

Each of these triple-decker quesadillas is comprised of three tortillas and two layers of filling. And best of all, the recipe is super kid-friendly!






Family Matters
Grown Up and Gluten Free

By Amy Keller, MS, RD, LD

Gluten-free college students settling into their first apartment face a new set of challenges, such as sharing a kitchen with roommates, cooking balanced and easy meals, and dealing with social events such as late-night pizza or fast food. The advice in this edition of Family Matters will help them adapt to their new living situation and successfully transition to being gluten-free adults.





Meandering Through Melbourne

By Anna Sonnenberg

From buzzing Flinders Street to funky Fitzroy to the beautiful Royal Botanic Gardens, Melbourne absolutely delights. And the city’s wide range of delicious and inventive gluten-free offerings definitely deliver. Travel Editor Anna Sonnenberg offers a glimpse of where to eat and what to explore in marvelous Melbourne.




Cooking Class
Top of the Muffin to You

By Richard Coppedge Jr.

As the weather starts to cool and the leaves being to change, noshing on a warn muffin can get your day off to a scrumptious and satisfying start. Find out how our resident gluten-free baking expert produces the most marvelous muffins.






Mix it up:
News, tips, reviews, advice and more

DIY Pumpkin Drink Recipes
By Elizabeth Barbone and Jennifer Harris

Chick-fil-A rolls out gluten-free bun
By Jennifer Harris

Plant-based milks continue “dairy” case takeover
By Jennifer Harris

GF Living in Pictures
By Jordan Middlebrook


Office Hours

By Amy Keller, MS, RD, LD

Tips for navigating a new school year gluten free, from classroom treats and filling breakfasts to pregame meals






Study Sessions

By Van Waffle

Avoiding gluten does not prevent heart disease, according to a large, long-term study of American men and women. We also look at other new findings: breast milk contains antibodies against gluten even in mothers who have followed a gluten-free diet for years; a new large study has validated antibody tests without biopsy to diagnose celiac and children and adolescents; and the safety of adding oats to the gluten-free diet for patients with celiac.




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Compiled by Julia Aparicio

Fast morning meals and afternoon munchies