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May/June 2017



Celiac: Then and now

By Jennifer Harris

From awareness to products and food-labeling laws, discover how being newly diagnosed with celiac has changed since 1997.






Taking gluten free on the road

By Heather Burdo

Use these tips for managing the gluten-free diet whether vacation takes you to the road or the skies.






Where diagnosed celiac fits into pregnancy

By Susan Cohen

Learn about the pregnancy risks associated with celiac disease and find out how to take optimal care of yourself and your baby when you’re eating for two on the gluten-free diet.





Food for thought:
How to eat gluten free for your heart’s health

By Elizabeth Klodas, M.D., FACC, Founder, Step One Foods

Cardiologist Elizabeth Klodas explains why eating heart-healthy foods that go beyond “gluten free” is crucial to those with celiac.





The gluten-thyroid connection

By Heather Burdo

As if dealing with celiac isn’t enough, many people also have concurrent thyroid disease without even realizing it. Learn about the symptoms of thyroid problems and the impact of the gluten-free diet.





Gluten free and golden

By Amy Jones, M.S., R.D., L.D.

Life after 65 can be full of changes—retirement, downsizing a home, grandchildren and, for some, newly diagnosed celiac disease. Between 19 and 34 percent of adults diagnosed with celiac are over age 60. Learn about the diagnosis and get advice on transitioning to the gluten-free diet later in life from those who have done it.



GF Goes Vegetarian
Dishes for morning, noon and night

By Isadora Lassance

From ooey gooey Gluten-Free Cinnamon Rolls with Cream Cheese Glaze to Baked Falafel with Tahini Sauce, these recipes will bring you from sunup to sundown.





Not Just Gluten Free!
A grain-free feast for all

Eating grain free is a common dietary alteration. However, those also following a gluten-free diet must eliminate popular and useful substitutes such as oatmeal, gluten-free flour, rice, corn and more. With a little creativity, finding grain- and gluten-free alternatives is not hard. In fact, this menu features four delicious examples. Each recipe packs a ton of flavor, making it a great addition to any meal.





Not Just Gluten Free!
Cookbook Corner

Cutting gluten and grains from your diet doesn’t have to mean omitting taste. In fact, the gluten-free, grain-free dishes here will have everyone asking for the recipes. Bowl them over when you divulge what is not included.





Make It In Minutes
Easy spring recipes

By Elizabeth Barbone

These recipes get you in and out of the kitchen fast, allowing you to get outside and enjoy the warm days of late spring and early summer.





Cheap & Cheerful
A taste of summertime in New Orleans

By Jilly Lagasse

This issue’s Cheap & Cheerful features three incredible recipes—Summer Corn and Heirloom Tomato Chowder, “Fried” Shrimp Po’ Boys, and Strawberry and Basil Shortcakes with Chantilly Cream—that will thrill your taste buds without breaking the bank.




Kids’ Kitchen
Kid-friendly frittatas

By Holly Vine

These adorable frittatas are not only fun to eat, but fun to prepare with your little ones!








Family Matters
Support gluten-free food banks

By Jessica Press

The gluten-free diet can feel overwhelming enough without having to worry about the often-staggering costs to boot. Here’s how you can help those who may be financially struggling to stay on course.





Flockin’ to Auckland

By Anna Sonnenberg

New Zealand’s largest city is a gluten-free gem—and breathtaking to boot.



Savor St. Pete’s gluten-free eats

By Angela Sackett

While you might only think of Orlando or Miami as a Florida destination, the St. Petersburg/Clearwater region offers fun and sun—and delicious gluten-free food!—for everyone.

A truly stress-free vacation

By David Yeskel

Join David Yeskel as he discovers how Norwegian’s freestyle cruising lets gluten-free guests rest easy.





Meet Gary Jones—Disney’s man with the food-allergy plan

By Jennifer Harris

News Editor Jennifer Harris interviews Gary Jones, who has been manning the helm of Walt Disney Parks and Resorts’ Special Diets Department since 2011.




Cooking Class
The skinny on baking substitutes

By Richard Coppedge Jr.

Find out how our resident gluten-free baking expert adjusts his recipes to cut down on calories and fat.






Mix it up:
News, tips, reviews, advice and more

5 steps to going gluten free
By Jennifer Harris

Top 5: Tips for following a recipe
By Jennifer Harris and Elizabeth Barbone

  Map of dedicated GF bakeries across the U.S.
  By Jennifer Harris

  …and more!





Office Hours

By Amy Jones, M.S., R.D., L.D.

Amy Jones, a dietitian and celiac disease support group leader, answers questions about managing the gluten-free diet for special occasions including weddings and cookouts.






Study Sessions

By Van Waffle

Evaluating a new method for detecting gluten, the Gluten Intolerance Group found residual gluten in gluten-removed beer, raising the concern that it may not be safe for people with celiac disease. We also look at the risk of thyroid disease in patients with celiac, the burden felt by celiac caregivers and gluten changes in fish microbiome that may help scientists understand how gut microbes affect human digestion.





New for You

Compiled by Julia Aparicio

This issue features twice the New for You items. Check out these beauty, snack, baking and tummy health products!