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Be our (gluten-free) guest

By Amy Keller, MS, RD, LD

How can you enjoy a holiday meal hosted by someone else without stressing about the food that will be served, and what strategies can you use to deal with friends or family who just don’t quite understand?






When family just doesn’t understand your gluten-free diet

By Heather Burdo

Use these tips to help you cope with questions about the gluten-free diet from loved ones during the holidays.






Building a case for celiac screening

By Van Waffle

Learn more about the controversy over screening for celiac and the recommendation regarding it that has disappointed many.







GF Goes Vegetarian
Joyful Hors D’oeuvres

By Isadora Lassance

These four festive appetizers will be the hit of any seasonal gathering.





Cocoa Party

By Elizabeth Barbone

These fabulous and fun dessert recipes are just the thing to indulge in while keeping warm by the fire.






Make It In Minutes
Easy Comfort Classics

By Elizabeth Barbone

Winter is the perfect time to enjoy a hearty meal. From creamy mac and cheese to gingerbread-pumpkin cake, these recipes are gluten-free takes on classic American comfort foods.





Cheap & Cheerful
Homey Holiday Helpings

By Jilly Lagasse

These fantastic recipes bring back beautiful memories for Jilly of holidays past and present and also are part of the traditions she now shares with her own family.





Not Just Gluten Free!
Festive Foods for the Season—No Added Sugar

By Laura Hahn Carroll

This menu was designed to fulfill the holiday spirit by using seasonal produce found in the winter and adding just a touch of fancy flare that will impress your guests. Even better: These dishes are free of any sugar that is not naturally found in the ingredients used AND is, of course, gluten free.





Not Just Gluten Free!
Healthy Gluten-Free Holidays with Celebrity Chef Rocco Dispirito

By Alison Massey, MS, RD, LDN, CDE

Gluten-Free Living caught up with New York-based chef Rocco Dispirito and discussed his new cookbook as well as his best tips for celebrating the holidays the healthy way.




Not Just Gluten Free!
Cookbook Corner

This edition of Cookbook Corner is brought to you courtesy of Rocco Dispirito and his new gluten-free, dairy-free, no-sugar-added cookbook, Rocco’s Healthy + Delicious. Everyone around your dinner table will savor these incredible recipes—and won’t believe how healthy they are eating!





Easy Spiralized Recipes

By Angela Sackett

A spiralizer can turn firm vegetables into “noodles,” replacing traditional gluten-filled pastas with nutrient-packed spirals made from zucchini, squash and sweet potatoes. These three recipes explode with flavor and are packed with vitamins and minerals.





Kids’ Kitchen
The Best Thai Coconut Soup

By Maizy Boosin

Whether you have a cold, are craving some homemade soup or just really love Thai flavors, this recipe is for you. It also has a lot of leniency, so it’s great to make as a beginner chef or with kids.






Family Matters
Celiac parents and gluten-eating kids

By Susan Cohen

With many meals to be had this holiday season, parents will certainly be helping their children at the table. This is especially true when kids are younger and need a great deal of assistance with everything from being fed to cutting and holding their food. What happens at these tables, then, when the parent has celiac, but the child does not and eats gluten?





Las Vegas: Sin City of Gluten-Free Fare

By Anna Sonnenberg

Whether you’re planning a low-key trip to Vegas this holiday season or you want to go all out and celebrate in a big way, you’re going to want to add these Sin City spots to your itinerary. Be sure to arrive hungry, too, as Las Vegas is home to some excellent gluten-free dining.




Cooking Class
Time for Pie

By Richard Coppedge Jr.

Just in time for the holidays, here are ways to ensure everyone will be clamoring for a piece (or two!) of delectable gluten-free pie.






Mix it up:
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Top 5: Dairy- and soy-free substitutes for successful holiday meals
By Jennifer Harris

Pick the Perfect Pie brand comparison chart
By Jennifer Harris

Select Your Star Stuffing brand comparison chart
By Jennifer Harris

GF Living in Pictures
By Jordan Middlebrook


Office Hours

By Steve Plogsted

Confusion about gluten in medications






Study Sessions

By Van Waffle

Hospitalization for celiac in the United States cost $7.4 million in 2014. We also look at other new findings: symptoms of celiac persist after diagnosis; safe oats for those with celiac; and safe sourdough for celiac patients.






New for You

Compiled by Julia Aparicio

Baking products and festive holiday gifts