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October 2018

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Veg Out Gluten Free

By Amy Keller, MS, RDN, LD

Use this practical advice and information to healthfully combine a vegetarian or vegan way of life with the gluten-free diet.



Packing Protein Into the Vegan Diet

By Heather Burdo

The vegan diet boasts tremendous health benefits, but many people still worry that they won’t get enough protein. While it is a legitimate concern, many meat-free sources of protein are available.



No Such Thing As Gluten Free?

By Van Waffle

Research Editor Van Waffle delves into the claim that there is no such thing as eating gluten free and why some experts say the “gluten-restricted” diet is a more accurate description.




Make It In Minutes
Fall Favorites

By Elizabeth Barbone

This collection of sensational seasonal dishes including Rainbow Quinoa Bowls, a Dutch Baby Pancake, Pumpkin Coffee Cake and Sheet Pan Nachos will provide a reason to look forward to the cooler days and evenings ahead.


Cook by Color

Fall in Love with Autumn Flavors

By Stephanie Vanlochem

These stunning recipes including Fall Quinoa Salad, a Beet and Halloumi Appetizer, Cozy Grilled Chicken and Fall Into Fall Salad will help inspire you to embrace and enjoy the flavors and colors of the season.


Not Just Gluten Free!
A Vegan Point of View

By Laura Hahn Carroll

This set of tasty, meat-free dishes is sure to please any crowd, including any carnivores in attendance. Serve with the fun bubbly citrus cocktail and you have a menu made for merriment.


Cookbook Corner

These stunning recipes from two gluten-free cookbooks are not only gorgeous but mouthwatering as well. Whether a decadent dessert or something savory, you’ll find just the thing to satisfy your craving in these pages.



Make-Ahead Party Foods

By Angela Sackett

Prepare these recipes ahead of time for a party or to have on hand for when guests drop in.



Kids’ Kitchen
3 Tartlets Perfect for Fall

By Maizy Boosin

These tasty mini-tarts offer a variety of seasonal flavors in an adorable package.




Family Matters
Extra-Intestinal Symptoms of Celiac Disease in Children

By Susan Cohen

Headache, short stature, bone and joint issues, mood changes and other non-gastrointestinal problems could be signs of celiac in kids.



To Tokyo We Go

By Anna Sonnenberg

Eating gluten free in Tokyo requires research and preparation, but with a little planning and the right expectations, you’ll enjoy tons of options and dishes you won’t find anywhere else.



Cooking Class
Prepping Fall Ingredients for Quick Breads

By Richard Coppedge Jr.

It’s time to turn our attention to baking up treats that highlight sensational seasonal ingredients like cranberries, sweet potatoes and pumpkins. Learn how to prepare these fantastic fall finds for muffins, breads, scones or biscuits.






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Office Hours

By Amy keller, MS, RDN, LD

Advice on helping your child manage the gluten-free diet at band camp, in school and when splitting time between parents






Study Sessions

By Van Waffle

Research briefs: Studies find global celiac prevalence of 0.7 percent or higher; early diagnosis cuts mortality; non-classic symptoms delay diagnosis; non-classic celiac more severe





New for You

Compiled by Joan Edgett

You’ll fall for these eight great gluten-free finds!