Celiac disease and partner burden

Celiac disease commonly imposes a burden on patients’ partners, according to new research from Columbia University.


Arsenic in rice

A study from Dartmouth College in New Hampshire found that rice cereal and other rice-containing foods contribute to arsenic exposure in infants.

Celiac disease and headache

People with celiac disease are more likely to visit the doctor with headache complaints, according to a large population study.

Celiac disease and mental health burden

People with celiac disease are more likely to suffer from mental health problems including depression and bipolar disorder, according to an Italian study.

Introducing gluten to children

Start small and don’t wait too long: That’s the takeaway advice from two recent studies on introducing gluten to children.

Drug reduces celiac disease symptoms

In a clinical trial, one of the potential drugs to treat celiac disease reduced persistent symptoms in people already following a gluten-free diet.

Birth season affects celiac disease

Researchers have found that the season in which a child is born influences the development of celiac disease in young children.