Collard Rainbow Rolls

4 large wraps


  • 4 cups of mixed shredded veggies
  • 4-8 collard leaves
  • 2-3 large sprigs of mint, destemmed
  • Juice of one lemon
  • Olive oil
  • Salt and pepper to taste
  • Filling suggestions: carrots, beets, cabbage, radish, cucumber, red onion, seasonal greens


To prep the collard greens you’ll need to cut off the stems at the base of the leaf. Then, lay the leaf on a flat surface with the more pronounced side of the stem upward. Using a paring knife cut into the stem starting at the top and continue down the leaf in order to make the stem level to the leaf. Next, flash the leaf briefly on the grill, about 5 seconds per side. (I have successfully done this on an electric burner coil, just be careful about retrieving it!)

Lay the leaf down flat again on a clean work surface, with the cut end towards you. If using two leaves, stagger one on top of the other to create a larger work space.

In a bowl, mix the shredded veggies with the mint, and season the mixture to taste with olive oil, lemon juice, salt, and pepper. Lay roughly one cup at the base of each leaf, then, using your hands to keep the roll tight, roll up the bottom to cover the filling. Tuck the sides in as you would a burrito, and keep rolling until the filling is completely wrapped.

We like to cut ours down the middle to see the rainbow inside, but feel free to eat as is!

Serve with avocado dipping sauce.

Original recipe by Nikki DeGidio, chef and owner of Lucky Santo. Lucky Santo is a woman-lead restaurant in Seattle, Washington. They are a celiac-friendly restaurant and believe everyone deserves delicious, vibrant food for every meal. They use real, whole, sustainable foods and cater to all dietary restrictions.