Lemon Con Soda

Serves 6

This is my favorite drink in the summer. I discovered it while living in Guatemala. It is refreshing and easily can be turned into a fun party cocktail.


  • 2 lemons
  • 3 tablespoons sugar
  • 1 liter seltzer water
  • 4 ounces of rum (optional)


Squeeze the juice of the lemon into a large pitcher, add the sugar, and mix well. Slowly add seltzer and mix gently with large spoon to combine.

If using alcohol, pour an equal portion of rum in each glass and fill with seltzer and mix.

Nutritional Analysis:
Calories: 70, Carbohydrates: 7 g, Protein: 0 g, Fat: 0 g, Cholesterol: 0 mg, Sodium: 0 mg, Fiber: 0 g