Creamy Sun-Dried Tomato Soup

Tomato and basil is a classic flavor combination. Roasted cauliflower blended into the soup provides all the creaminess desired.

Tuscan Chicken Cannellini Kale Soup

Flavorful bites of chicken, tender yet firm cannellini beans, and fresh, bright threads of kale make the basic soup. Sorghum adds a bit of “tooth” and interest.

Blue Agave Roasted Yam Soup

Roasting the yams brings out their full, sweet flavor, while the cinnamon and nutmeg are very subtle but add to the complexity of flavors. The blue agave tequila adds depth while tempering the sweetness.

Creamy Pine Nut Pesto Soup

Creamy Pine Nut Pesto Soup is a lighter-fare creamy soup with all the flavor notes of basil pesto, but in a more subdued presentation. Perfect for winter meals when you want a bit of bright, fresh flavors, but be sure to try it during the warm weather months as a cold soup as well.

Day-After Turkey Bone Gumbo

Try your hand at making Jilly Lagasse’s delicious, gluten-free version of her dad’s holiday classic “Day-After Turkey Bone Gumbo.”

Slow Cooker Chocolate Chili

This fun twist on traditional chili contains cocoa powder, which helps to round out the flavors and adds a unique depth.

Gluten-Free Clam Chowder

This version is a fresh spin on the classic Jersey Shore chowder, a white version with clams and tender-crisp asparagus.