Spiced Nuts

Candied nuts are a great snack, and this recipe is not loaded with sugar (and calories) like the ones you find at the store. This recipe is high in protein and great for kids.

Fruit Stick To-Go

This is a super colorful recipe packed with fresh fruit and cheese. Feel free to get creative and change up the fruit or cheese selected for your kids’ favorites.

Zesty Ranch Chickpeas

Crunchy chickpeas are an easy snack to make and pack. Plenty of fun flavors can be added, and it seems that most kids love ranch! High in protein and fiber, this snack is one everyone will be pleased with. Ditch those unhealthy potato chips for this one!

Buttery Ranch Snack Mix

This snack mix makes a party-size batch that you can store in the fridge for up to one week. Pull it out and share it with last-minute guests—if you can keep yourself from eating it as soon as it’s ready!

Spicy Festive Deviled Eggs

Deviled eggs are a classic—easy to make in advance and always a crowd favorite. This spicy version will add a fun flare to your gathering, with a red and green garnish to keep everyone in the holiday mood.

Butternut Squash Shooters

Butternut squash soup is a holiday favorite packed with harvest-time flavors. This healthy soup is super simple to throw together. Serve in shot glasses for a fun cocktail hour treat.

Italian Roll-Ups

One of the most popular items for cocktail hours or to accompany light refreshments, pinwheels are small colorful slices of classic cold cut wraps. This version removes the wrap, making it simple to keep gluten free.

Marinated Olives

This is a fun recipe that is easy to follow and can be made unique if you add your own favorite flavors.