Gluten-Free Halloween Treats

These gluten-free Halloween treats put a fun—and vegan—twist on the classic marshmallow-and-crispy-rice-cereal combination.


Gluten-Free Blueberry Cobbler

Satisfy your summer sweet tooth with a pan of gluten-free blueberry cobbler. Lemon-scented blueberries hide under a generous pastry topping.

Gluten-Free Macarons: Salted Caramel Latte

These elegant gluten-free macarons are sure to impress your guests for any special occasion. Follow the bonus tips to help ensure your baking success.

Gluten-Free Macarons: Tea and Honey

These gorgeous gluten-free macarons will wow the guests at any soiree. Follow the bonus tips to ensure your success in baking this classic French treat.

Gluten-Free Macarons: Strawberry Lemonade

These scrumptious gluten-free macarons deliver a refreshing taste of summer. Use our added tips to try your hand at baking this classic French treat.

Little Gluten-Free Chocolate Pots

This silky dessert starring dark chocolate is the perfect end to any meal. Pair it with the delicately crunchy Corn Flour & Almond Shortbread Cookies for a perfect contrast in texture.

Gluten-Free Peruvian Rice Pudding

This simple dessert can be easily customized by adding raisins, nuts, vanilla and more along with the condensed milk.