Dutch Baby Pancake

This recipe is a showstopper. Combination pancake and popover, it’s made in the oven and puffs up to impressive heights during baking.

Peaches-and-Cream Breakfast Biscuits

These biscuits resemble strawberry shortcakes, but the warmed spicy peaches add depth and richness to an indulgence that’s perfect for breakfast, too.

Grain-Free Morning Glory Muffins

Chock full of fruit and nuts, these gluten- and grain-free Morning Glory Muffins are the perfect healthy treat, providing protein, fiber and healthy fats.

A Toast for Mom

Kids can take drawing a picture of mom to a new level this Mother’s Day with this recipe for breakfast toast made to look just like her. This recipe is so easy to assemble that kids can prepare most of it on their own.

Pork Rind Pancakes

Pork rind pancakes might just be the strangest—and best—low-carb breakfast option ever invented. Adding pancetta makes these pancakes a feast of pork two ways. Using maple flavoring means no need for calorie-laden syrup.

Blueberry, Lemon and Poppy Seed Scones

These delicious scones replace high-carb, sugar-laden treats with a “breakfast bread” that’s full of protein, fiber and ingredients friendly to fat-burning. It’s important to let them cool completely; try making them the night before and leaving them to rest and cool overnight.