The Gluten Free Documentary

The Gluten Free documentary gives much-needed credibility to non-celiac gluten sensitivity, delves into the importance of preventing cross-contamination at home and in restaurants, highlights medical advances on the horizon, and provides some old-fashioned myth-busting.

Making the Gluten-Free Diet Work for You

Our resident dietitian answers readers’ questions on managing the gluten-free diet along with type 2 diabetes, controlling weight gain on the gluten-free diet, and how gluten-free vegetarians can get enough protein in their diet.

Confusion About Gluten in Medications

Pharmacist Steve Plogsted answers readers’ questions about gluten in medications, including drugs manufactured in other countries and wheat-derived polyols.

Shine On

The Blissful Sisters of Boulder dish on their gluten-free restaurant and new cookbook Triplets Jennifer, Jessica and Jill Emich are…

In the Blink of a Celiac Click

Add $45 million to the lengthening list of big numbers associated with celiac disease. That’s the amount the family of a grateful patient from Indiana is donating to the University of Maryland Center for Celiac Research for the study of celiac disease and other autoimmune disorders.