Setting up a safe gluten-free kitchen

Our resident dietitian answers a reader’s question on setting up a safe gluten-free kitchen and the best strategies for keeping food separate.

Inside the Celiac Disease Foundation: Q&A with Marilyn Geller, Chief Executive Officer

The Celiac Disease Foundation is an education, research and patient advocacy champion. In this one-on-one interview, its CEO and newest member of the Gluten-Free Living advisory board, Marilyn Geller, discusses the Foundation’s history, research and outreach goals, and the importance of partnering with GFL.

Lowering Cholesterol On the Gluten-Free Diet

Our resident dietitian answers a reader’s question on lowering cholesterol levels without medication while adhering to the gluten-free diet.

Gluten in Immunoglobulin Therapy

Pharmacist Steve Plogsted answers readers’ questions about gluten in medications. This week, he clears up confusion on gluten in immunoglobulin therapy.

Packing a Gluten-Free Emergency Kit

Use these tips for putting together your family’s gluten-free emergency kit.

Meet Taylor Miller: Gluten-Free Blogger, Entrepreneur, Life Changer

Taylor Miller, 20, owner of GlutenAway, has been blogging for only five years, but thanks to his passion and creativity, he has become an entrepreneur and his blog has morphed into a marketing company for gluten-free companies.

The Gluten Free Documentary

The Gluten Free documentary gives much-needed credibility to non-celiac gluten sensitivity, delves into the importance of preventing cross-contamination at home and in restaurants, highlights medical advances on the horizon, and provides some old-fashioned myth-busting.

The Evolution of Gluten-Free Support Groups

Support is needed to adjust to living with gluten-related disorders. Learn about the challenges currently facing these patient support groups.