Do Fruits and Veggies Need a Gluten-Free Label to be Safe?

Amy Keller, MS, RDN, LD, is a dietitian and celiac support group leader from Bellefontaine, Ohio.

I noticed the other day that the canned green beans I bought are labeled gluten free. I thought all green beans were gluten free. Do I need to be looking for a gluten-free label on fruits and vegetables, too?

It is not necessary to look for a gluten-free label on most naturally gluten-free foods, including fruits and vegetables. The U.S Food and Drug Administration’s gluten-free labeling rule notes that naturally gluten-free foods, like the green beans you mentioned, may have a gluten-free label but it’s not necessary. Do be cautious, however, with vegetables that contain sauces or marinades—check the label or ingredients list to ensure those are gluten free.

The exception to this is naturally gluten-free grains, such as quinoa or millet. These can be at risk for cross-contamination with gluten, so look for a gluten-free label on all your grain products.  Always look for a gluten-free label on products made with oats, too.

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