Newly Diagnosed Celiac or Gluten Sensitivity

When you have newly diagnosed celiac disease or gluten sensitivity and must adopt the gluten-free diet, start with fresh, naturally gluten-free foods.

Celiac Disease Diagnosis: Reasons to be Thankful

Believe it or not, there is a bright side to being newly diagnosed with celiac disease or gluten-sensitivity. Find out which positive aspects these people with celiac choose to focus on.

Setting up a safe gluten-free kitchen

Our resident dietitian answers a reader’s question on setting up a safe gluten-free kitchen and the best strategies for keeping food separate.

Prognosis for Better Diagnosis

Although the gluten-free diet and celiac disease have gained widespread attention in mainstream and social media in recent years, the rate of diagnosis has stubbornly remained nearly unchanged, with less than a paltry 20 percent aware they have the disease.

Gluten-Free News from Gluten-Free Living Magazine

A study getting some recent online attention reports that when people are newly diagnosed the first place they go for information is the Internet. This doesn’t surprise us at Gluten-Free Living.