Celiac Research Needs You

Medical experts say celiac research could move faster if people living with celiac took a more active role. Find out why research is crucial and how you can play a role in the search for a cure.

Building a Case for Celiac Screening

Should at-risk people undergo celiac screening to find out if they have the condition? Get the facts on current research and find out what experts are saying.

When You’re Diagnosed With Celiac After 65

Life after 65 can be full of changes—retirement, downsizing a home, grandchildren and, for some, newly diagnosed celiac. Learn how people manage being gluten free in their golden years.

The Gluten-Thyroid Connection

As if dealing with celiac disease isn’t enough, many people also have concurrent thyroid disease without  even realizing it. Like…

Celiac and pregnancy

Many women wonder about issues regarding celiac and pregnancy. Learn what to expect and how to safely follow the gluten-free diet when eating for two.

The Microbiome and Celiac Disease

Find out how current research into the microbiome could help shape future treatments for celiac disease—and maybe even prevent it.

Are Bacteria to Blame?

Groundbreaking research has been making headway, speaking to the possible influence of gut bacteria on celiac. Read about the latest findings.