Top 10: Gluten-Free, Vegan Products at Trader Joe’s

Yes, we usually stick to the top five, but there are so many fabulous gluten-free, vegan products at Trader Joe’s (and the selection keeps growing) that it made sense to boost the list to 10!

Trader Joe’s has succeeded in bringing consumers its own in-house brand of grocery store items that are often produced by big-name companies. This smart move allows them to keep prices down, selection up and more money in our pockets. Here are the top 10 gluten-free, vegan products at Trader Joe’s that don’t sacrifice flavor in order to save you some scratch:


1. Cauliflower Gnocchi

The newest cauliflower product at Trader Joe’s has taken the internet by storm, which is totally understandable. This innovative gnocchi blends cauliflower with potato, instead of flour, creating a vegan alternative to traditional gnocchi. Top it with your favorite sauces and mix-ins to create the perfect plate of veggie goodness. If it is in stock, you’ll find 12-ounce bags of cauliflower gnocchi in the freezer for $2.69 each.

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