Back on Track: 5 Super-Healthy Allergen-Friendly Recipes

Reboot and refresh from the over-indulgent holidays with these healthy recipes

Between the last week of November and the first day of January, we understand excess. Bring on the gluten-free pies, Christmas cookies and figgy puddings! Mound the stuffing! Pass the roast beef! A helping of that double-chocolate torte? Well, maybe just a bite…

Come Jan. 2, our waistlines aren’t the only thing crying out for a little moderation. All bathroom scales and gym memberships aside, by the time the holidays are over our palates are just plain tired of all the fat, salt and excess.

Enter the annual January healthy reboot, a time to refresh our palates and get our regular eating habits back on track. It’s not about punishment or atonement, either—after weeks of candy canes and cheesecake slices, a bunch of leafy greens or a bright bowl of vegetables is exactly what our bodies are craving.

These bright, healthy allergen-friendly recipes are just the thing to kick the New Year off right. If you’re the proud owner of a shiny new gym membership, you may be tempted to hit a fast-casual restaurant or sweet shop to reward yourself after a hearty workout. Kick that snacking temptation to the curb with some healthy homemade Chickpea, Cherry & Chia Power Bars. You’ll have enough energy to power through your post-gym commute sans burrito bowl or overpriced gym smoothie.

After a week of winter vacation, it can be tough to get yourself back in gear when that early-morning work alarm goes off. Make things a little easier on your pre-coffee self with make-ahead Egg-Free Quiches with Roasted Pepper & Basil. Though they make a perfect breakfast, they’re also terrific for brown bag lunches and afternoon pick-me-ups—and they’re endlessly customizable using whatever leftovers or veggies you have on hand.

As the nights get darker and longer, working up the motivation to whip up a healthy home-cooked dinner can become a New Year’s resolution in itself. But clean eating doesn’t have to take all night. Prop up your tablet or laptop on the counter, fire up an episode of Modern Family and have a hearty meal of Chicken with Mustard Greens, Quinoa and Oranges on the table before the final credits roll.

Or maybe your New Year’s resolution is to eat less meat and more veggies. Good idea—it’s a smart, heart-healthy and environmentally friendly goal to have.

But maybe you’ve got some meat-eating carnivores at home who can’t resign themselves to seven nights of salad. Change their meat-loving hearts and minds with Raw Vegan Chili or a stunning Fully Raw Lasagna. These new twists on classic dishes are so filling and so hearty that no one at your table will even think to ask, “Where’s the beef?”



Chickpea, Cherry & Chia Power Bars


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Egg-Free Quiches with Roasted Pepper & Basil


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Fully Raw Lasagna


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Raw Vegan Chili


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Chicken with Mustard Greens, Quinoa and Oranges

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