Eat Up: Gluten-Free, Dairy-free On-the-Go Options

Dairy-free product manufacturers are forging a new path that allows consumers to take their products “to go.” A wide variety of items, including milk, smoothies, sweets, cheese, pudding and yogurt, are available in on-the-go formulations—and their improved texture, taste and nutrition really resonate.

Who has the time to sit and eat in these days? While convenient on-the-go options are not especially noteworthy, portable nosh-worthy snacks or thirst-quenching beverages made from nutritious ingredients are a bit harder to come by. To help you satisfy your cravings, here are some of our favorite portable health-forward dairy-free products:


  • Avonut smoothies are made from a blend of avocados, coconuts and tropical fruit. Sweetened with coconut nectar and available in guava and dragon fruit flavors, they provide a creamy and nutritious alternative to typical dairy-based smoothies.
  • Odwalla’s rich almond milk protein shakes made with pea protein and sweetened with cane sugar come in three indulgent flavors: mocha latte, snickerdoodle and spiced pumpkin (seasonal).
  • Remedy Organics’ superfood fuel beverages are designed by a nutritional health counselor to go beyond hydration and nutrition. The plant-based drinks blend nut milks with superfoods, ayurvedics, herbs and probiotics to help with inflammation, digestion and gut health.
  • Ripple Foods’ Milk Kids Packs are shelf-stable pea milk singles free of the top allergens, including dairy, gluten, nuts and soy. Available in original, vanilla and chocolate flavors, they are perfect for lunchboxes and drinking on the go. And they contain more calcium and iron than dairy milk.

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