Delectable Dairy-Free Summer Treats

Stay cool on a sun-baked day with these sweet, crowd-pleasing delicacies.

A summer day becomes just about perfect with a refreshing, sweet treat. Creating one to meet multiple food restrictions can be a challenge, but these recipes might help while keeping your crowd happy. They offer a fun combination of creative sweet treats that are all gluten and dairy free. Cool off with a tropical smoothie or homemade choco-banana soft serve. Let the kids help with a twist on the classic thumbprint cookie or colorful Jell-O roll-up recipes.

Frozen Cooler

Nothing is better on a hot day than a fresh, ice-cold fruit smoothie. This recipe is packed with fresh fruit and tons of nutrients, everything to keep you going on a hot day. Feel free to put a twist on this one and use your favorite juice or frozen fruit. If it is cocktail time, add 2 ounces of a good dark rum, and this smoothie just became the life of the party! Get the recipe.

Dairy free, nut free, vegan, corn free

Almond Cookies


A spin on the classic thumbprint cookie, but dairy free! My favorite coffee house in Philadelphia keeps a jar of these on the counter, and they sell out daily. Get the recipe.

Dairy free, corn free, vegan

Choco Loco

Very few frozen treats are better than chocolate ice cream. This dairy-free version is super easy and nutritious—a guilt-free indulgence that would even make for a special breakfast (if ice cream for breakfast is OK with you, it is with me!). Get the recipe.

Dairy free, vegan, Paleo

Lime Roll Ups


This recipe has been one of my favorites since I was a kid. A cool, fruity treat that is colorful and fun. The combination of Jell-O and marshmallow is an unexpectedly perfect pair. This is a fun recipe to make with kids or mix up with your favorite Jell-O flavors. Get the recipe.

Dairy free, nut free

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