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Tiger nuts, macadamia nuts and cashes—these rock star snacks are transforming into plant-based, dairy-free milks. Nuts, seeds, pea protein and vegetable milks continue to exceed expectations in taste, variety and nutrition, making the transition to a moo-free milk less of a struggle.

Here are a handful of the companies blazing a nut- and plant-based trail with protein- and fiber-filled gluten-free milks made from almonds, macadamia nuts, cashews, hazelnuts, pea protein, pecans, pistachios, tiger nuts, walnuts, seeds and vegetables.

CALIFIA FARMS sets itself apart from competitors with gorgeous packaging, creamy flavors, attention to detail and high-quality ingredients. It started with almond milk and has expanded to include a coconut/almond milk blend, horchata, flavored creamers and coffee drinks. Café latte, mocha, double espresso and the seasonal pumpkin spice latte delight coffee enthusiasts. Concentrated cold brew coffee, the newest addition to its coffee line, is tailor-made for serious coffee addicts. califiafarms.com

Each of the varieties in the line of nut milks from ELMHURST MILKED is made with six ingredients or fewer and contains no gums, emulsifiers or thickeners. All the protein, fat and micronutrients are extracted from the nut via a special cold milling technique that yields a milk that doesn’t need to be fortified. Available in walnut, cashew, almond, hazelnut, peanut and peanut with chocolate, these milks also tell you just how many nuts are in each glass. Sweetened with a touch of cane sugar, these milks let the main ingredient (nuts) sing. elmhurst1925.com

FORAGER PROJECT’S nut milks are made from cashews in sweetened, unsweetened and vanilla. Each nut milk blend offers a different flavor experience when used in smoothies and shakes. Simple and organic ingredients go into each bottle. foragerproject.com

Made with cold-pressed flaxseed oil, GOOD KARMA FOODS’ cultured flax milk contains 1,200 milligrams of healthy omega-3 fats per serving. Free of major allergens and available in five flavors—including two with eight grams of plant-based protein—this dairy-free milk is creamy and delicious yet not chock full of calories. goodkarmafoods.com

The lineup of “malks” from MALK ORGANICS includes maple pecan, chocolate and cold brew coffee. Made with organic sprouted nuts and cold pressed for maximum freshness, more than one cup of nuts goes into each bottle. Simple, clean ingredients create a creamy experience that lends itself to cooking, baking or drinking straight from the bottle. malkorganics.com

MILKADAMIA’S original and unsweetened macadamia milks come from macadamia groves on the eastern coast of Australia. The milk, which contains 50 percent more calcium than dairy milk, is an excellent source of vitamin D and vitamin B12. The popular Latte Da flavor is designed to deliver a subtle and creamy—not overpowering—flavor. milkadamia.com

REBEL KITCHEN’S creamy “mylk” is made from a blend of coconut milk and coconut cream. Its sweetness is derived from date nectar. Available in coffee, chocolate and chai, the individual serving sizes make it the perfect on-the-go refresher. rebel-kitchen.com

RIPPLE FOODS has succeeded in making milk from pea protein that contains 50 percent more bioavailable calcium than milk. Lower in calories than milk, it is also low in sugar and high in plant-based protein while serving as a good source of omega-3s. Available in original, unsweetened, vanilla, unsweetened vanilla and chocolate, it contains 8 grams of protein per serving. ripplefoods.com

SUNCOAST GOLD’S macadamia nut milks come straight from an Australian macadamia farm, offering creamy, rich, slightly buttery and totally drinkable milks. Try it straight out of the carton, or use it to make smoothies, ice cream, baked goods and more. suncoastgoldmac.com

SO DELICIOUS’ unsweetened and vanilla unsweetened cashew milks are the newest additions to its line of dairy-free milks. Lower in fat than other nuts, cashews are also high in magnesium and produce a creamy, rich flavor perfect for drinking, cooking and baking. So Delicious also released a line of cashew ice cream that are knock-your-socks-off delicious. sodeliciousdairyfree.com

The first moo-free milk made from veggies is called VEGGEMO. Relying on peas for protein, Veggemo derives its creamy texture from tapioca and its color from potatoes. It contains the same amount of calcium and vitamin D as dairy milk and is shelf stable, a real feat. Available in original, unsweetened and vanilla, these milks are rich and creamy, with 6 grams of protein per serving. veggemo.com

News Editor Jennifer Harris is a gluten-free consultant and blogs at gfgotoguide.com.

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