Delectable Dairy-Free Summer Treats

A summer day becomes just about perfect with a refreshing, sweet treat. Creating one to meet multiple food restrictions can be a challenge, but these recipes might help while keeping your crowd happy.

10 Sweet Ways to Reduce Added Sugar in Your Diet

Added sugars are added to products during processing, and it seems they are just about everywhere. They can lead to weight gain and raise blood triglyceride levels, which contribute to heart disease. Institute these healthy habits to reduce the amount of added sugar in your diet. 

Prime Paleo Picks

The Paleo diet is relatively easy to adopt if you’re already eating gluten free or dairy free. The crux of the diet is restricting oneself to items that were only available in primitive times.

4 Dairy-Free Cheese Recipes for National Cheese Lovers Day

If dairy-free cheese is the way you choose to cheese, here are four recipes that incorporate dairy-free cheese, taken from One-Hour Dairy-Free Cheese. The cookbook uses nuts, seeds and vegetables to keep the rich flavor and luscious texture of traditional dairy-based cheese, while staying free from the top eight allergens.