Are Gluten-Free Foods Tax Deductible?

Most people who are gluten-free would agree that gluten-free foods tend to be costlier. When these foods are required for medical reasons, is it possible to deduct them from your taxes as a medical expense?


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Save Money and the Earth by Cooking With Scraps

“Cooking With Scraps” is a new cookbook that teaches readers how to turn peels, cores, rinds and stems into fresh, gratifying meals. Authored by Lindsay-Jean Hard, the book serves as a reference for using every part of food, from the water in canned beans to broccoli stems to pineapple rinds. Hard organized the book from A to Z, which isn’t common with cookbooks, because she views it as a reference book and a jumping off point.

Support Gluten-Free Food Banks

The gluten-free diet can feel overwhelming enough without having to worry about the often-staggering cost to boot. Here’s how food banks—and you—can help.