Nima Starter Kit

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Nima Starter Kit

Peace of mind at mealtime. Nima reveals if your food is really gluten-free.

Nima is a connected food sensor that allows you to test your food for gluten before you eat. Nima travels with you so that you can know what’s in your food anytime, anywhere. Wondered about those French fries? Curious to know if that salad dressing contains a bit of flour? With Nima, you can simply test your food in just a few minutes.

Nima works in a few quick steps

Test: Put a little bit of food in a test capsule, insert it into the sensor. Push start.

Know: Nima will reveal in 2-3 min if there’s gluten in the sample. Have peace of mind knowing what’s in your food.

Share: Add your result to the thousands of Nima community-tested restaurants and packaged foods in the Nima app.

Knowledge is delicious.

Nima Starter Kit

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