Confessions of a Gluten-Free Destination Bride

Planning a gluten-free wedding for myself wasn’t an easy feat, but the year-long preparation and attention to detail resulted in one of the most magical years of my life, a true fairy tale from beginning to end. 

Gluten-Free Packing Tips for the 21st Century

When it’s time to board a flight to a much-needed vacation destination, packing the right foods and tools goes a long way to relieving anxiety. Here are our best tips for enjoying a safe and tasty flight full of gluten-free food and relaxation. 

Your Gluten-Free Guide to South India

This guide will introduce you to some of the tastiest gluten-free foods from Goa, Karnataka and Kerala, and some of the region’s best gluten-friendly restaurants.

Gluten-Free Vermont: Hippie Hotspot of Gluten-Free Delights

Vermont is a hippie hotspot overflowing with farm fresh produce, outdoor enthusiasts, and a funky 60’s vibe.  The Green Mountain State’s lush landscape of rolling hills make it a prime spot for ski resorts, hikers, and nature lovers. It’s an excellent place to vacation and has so much to offer visitors of all ages. And if you follow a gluten-free diet, you’ve come to the right place!

100 Percent Gluten-Free Hotels and Inns

For people with celiac disease, one of the keys to being relaxed on vacation includes gluten-free food. Why not visit one of the five 100 percent gluten-free travel destinations (in the United States and abroad) and leave the gluten-free cuisine to the professionals?

A Gluten-Free Guide to Maui

Before heading to Hawaii, check out our guide to keeping your gluten-free Maui vacation as safe and pleasurable as possible.