Gluten-Free Restaurants Across the U.S.

Traveling away from home can be stressful for those on the gluten-free diet. To help ease your mind, we’ve compiled a list of dedicated gluten-free restaurants across the country. And if you’re craving a sweet treat, check out our map of dedicated gluten-free bakeries!

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4 thoughts on “Gluten-Free Restaurants Across the U.S.

  1. Just a quick note, to have celiac and live in Nashville- the Grabbagreen in Franklin has gluten in its kitchen (they offer gluten wraps), and they were unsure about their ingredient supplier and if the food they use is certified gluten free. Also, A Matter of Taste in Nashville isn’t open anymore. There is a wonderful completely gluten free bakery called Vegan Vee that is very delicious!!! I hope this helps!!

  2. Nothing Listed For Upstate NY
    Sherry Lynn’s Gluten Free (Shop & Restraunt) Schenectady, NY
    Also Blue Ribbon Restraunt Schectady, NY has a separate Gluten Free Menu

  3. GF restaurant in Geneva, NY. All GF with the exception of offering regular sandwich bread to non-celiacs. Total role reversal! Owned and operated by a celiac. OMG the wings, burgers and mac salad! SO good.

    Carmelita’s Mexican in Cicero, NY. Mostly gluten free menu. Also owned and operated by a celiac who used to work for a gastro doctor. She is typically there and will prepare your meal herself if you let her know you need GF.

    Deb’s Sweet Treats GF Bakery in Baldwinsville, NY. Soon to be relocating to Liverpool, NY. Owned and operated by a celiac. Best cupcakes I have ever head. Interesting flavors like s’mores, maple pecan, chocolate chip cookie dough.

    Sweet Cindy’s GF bakery in Fulton, NY. Owned and operated by the wife of a celiac. Yummy sweets. Also sells frozen calzones and potpies.

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