Live Gluten-Free in New Hampshire

New Hampshire, also known as the Granite State, is a quick drive from Boston and popular hiking destination in New England. With the tallest mountain in the region (Mount Washington), covered bridges, lakes, and small towns, New Hampshire is a stunning place to visit in all seasons.

Besides the natural beauty of New Hampshire, you can’t go wrong eating there either! The gluten-free options from the coast to the mountains are plentiful, and there are so many scrumptious restaurants calling your name!

Here are some of the best gluten-free places in New Hampshire, guaranteed to make your mouth water and have you planning your next weekend getaway.

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Live Gluten-Free in New Hampshire

Hampton Beach/Rye

Though New Hampshire has the smallest coastline of any state (it’s less than 20 miles!), the beaches of Hampton and Rye still provide plenty of fun in the sun, night life, and delicious seafood. The elegant mansions along the coastline will make you swoon, and to see the beach even in winter is like something out of a storybook!

In Hampton Beach, the strip is the place to be. The bungalows, shops, pubs, and live music make Hampton especially popular in the summer months. If you are looking for entertainment, try catching a show the Casino Ballroom. They offer concerts, comedy shows, and more!

To make the most out of your time in New Hampshire’s fun beach town, check out Victoria’s Kitchen for their gluten-free breakfast sandwiches. They have a separate gluten-free menu, offer gluten-free English muffins, and will toast your bread in a separate area to avoid cross-contamination. The manager of Victoria’s Kitchen has a daughter who eats gluten free, so the staff understands the importance of preparing food carefully.

For lunch or dinner, the 401 Tavern is an excellent choice, providing great prices and a friendly atmosphere. Though there isn’t a specific gluten-free menu, the chefs are happy and willing to safely prepare for you any dish – custom made and gluten free!

Live Gluten-Free in New Hampshire


Hampton is also known for a 100% dedicated gluten-free bakery – Gluten Free Territory! This homemade and family-run business of baking delectable gluten-free sweets has been featured on the New Hampshire Chronicle and at the New England Gluten-Free Expo. Their products are definitely worth a taste! You can find them online or in person at Hampton Natural Foods store. Try their gluten-free brownies, cakes, cookies, and prepare to be blown away.

If you are craving a fresh catch, stop by the Atlantic Grill in Rye Beach, another six miles up the coast from Hampton. Their extensive gluten-free menu includes all fried dishes, like their fried clams. They also have the classics like New England Clam Chowder, fish and chips, fresh lobster, and homemade potato chips – all gluten-free.


Portsmouth is a historic port city along the water with an excellent downtown atmosphere. You can spend the day walking the pier, strolling the shops and 17th century homes, or sampling some of their gluten-free specialities in the Market Square area.

For a gluten-free burger and milkshake, head to BRGR Bar. The staff are cognizant of allergies and can accommodate you with a gluten-free menu and gluten-free buns. The Kitchen restaurant offers gluten-free bread and pastas, and most of their menu can be made gluten-free. They are famous for their spudsters – deep fried cones of mashed potatoes which include your own choice of seasonings and dips. Sound too good to be true? It isn’t! The Kitchen utilizes corn flour in their fryers so there’s no gluten to be found.

Looking for something light? For a sweet treat of macarons and good coffee, try the French bistro Maison Navarre. They have gluten-free macarons in every color.

Live Gluten-Free in New Hampshire

For healthy and allergy friendly options, try Durbar Square Restaurant. Their fresh foods can be altered to support your dietary needs. Also check out the Fresh Press – a perfect stop for smoothies, salads, and bowls, with most items naturally gluten free.

If you can tolerate dairy, consider having the best macaroni and cheese of your life at Mr. Mac’s. They can make 95% of their entrees gluten free, utilizing gluten-free pasta. They use separate cheeses for gluten-free orders, and cook each macaroni and cheese individually in its own container. Try the Cheeseburger Mac – complete with lean ground beef, Cabot cheddar and American cheese!


Manchester sits along the Merrimack River in southern New Hampshire, further inland than Portsmouth. It’s one of the most populous cities in New England and boasts plenty of gluten-free eating establishments. Manchester is an easy stopping point from Boston if you are continuing north for a vacation or weekend away.

Try The Purple Finch Cafe in Bedford for breakfast. They have Udi’s gluten-free buns, as well as gluten-free pancakes, waffles, and hash browns. This cafe serves home cooking that is both gluten free and tastes like mom used to make!

For lunch, the British Beer Company is a solid choice. They have locations in New Hampshire and Massachusetts, and boast a plentiful gluten-free menu. They offer gluten-free buns for sandwiches and burgers, gluten-free pizza, and the servers are well educated on cross-contamination. You can also find gluten-free ciders on tap.

Bite Me Kupcakez is another 100% dedicated gluten-free bakery and cafe, just south of Manchester in Merrimack. They are known for their cupcakes, of course, but you can also get delicious grilled cheese sandwiches and paninis.

There’s also a second location of Mr. Mac’s in Manchester, in case you are in the mood for more comfort food.

Conway & The White Mountains

Conway & North Conway are the gateway towns to the White Mountains. The Main Street has five and dime stores, candy shops, parks, an antique train station with a scenic railroad, and plenty of restaurants. In this area you can also find numerous outdoor activities from hiking to ski resorts and even ziplining.

Bagels Plus has your morning bagel fix with a gluten-free twist. They have plain and everything bagels gluten-free, and they are homemade! Just ask to have yours toasted separately, which they are happy to do. For a sit down breakfast, try Peach’s for a fantastic brunch without the gluten – complete with eggs, French toast, waffles and more.

The Flatbread Company caters to all types of food allergies and celiacs as well. Their gluten-free pizzas are prepared separately, away from the regular pizzas and in their own aluminum tin. Their servers are cognizant of cross-contamination precautions so you can dine comfortably.

For a delicious burger and fries with a special sauce that rivals In-N-Out, Wicked Fresh Craft Burgers can’t be beat. With a dedicated fryer, gluten-free buns, and absolutely outstanding loaded fries, you’ll be counting down the days until you can have their burgers once again! Wicked Fresh grows their own herbs used in their sauces and the staff will take special care with gluten-free orders.

If you visit Conway in the months of June and July, you can spend the day exploring Diana’s Baths State Park and snack on some freshly grown strawberries. Schartner Farm opens every summer, and they sell their own fresh jams and jellies in addition to their mountain grown berries. Their strawberries are beyond sweet, and you can use them at home to make tarts, scones, muffins and more.

Live Gluten-Free in New Hampshire

To have the ultimate gluten-free experience in New Hampshire, consider spending a weekend at a dedicated gluten-free hotel. The Riverside Inn in Intervale is just the place! Located just north of Conway and surrounded by the White Mountains, this beautiful bed and breakfast is 100% gluten-free. There’s nothing better than enjoying the comforts of home while in a gorgeous setting. You can rest easy knowing your food is coming from a dedicated kitchen space.

New Hampshire’s natural landscape will leave you speechless regardless of what time of year you visit. You can spend your days exploring the outdoors, hiking the mountains or strolling the coast. Whatever part of New Hampshire appeals to you, dining gluten-free won’t be a challenge. You can travel across the granite state and eat gluten free with ease.

Jennifer Fitzpatrick was diagnosed with celiac disease in 2009. She is currently traveling through Europe as part of a six month round the world trip with her husband. Follow her gluten-free adventures on Instagram @jefinner589 or on her website

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