Gluten-Free Providence: Small State, Big Menu

Though Rhode Island is the smallest state in the country, the amount of gluten-free choices in the Providence area is impressive! 

Providence, Rhode Island is the third most populated city in New England, making it a fun-filled destination that can trace its roots back to the colonial era. Today, Providence is a thriving city with numerous universities, public parks, historic monuments, and restaurants. The culinary institute at Johnson & Wales University has helped establish Providence’s reputation for great food. 

In Providence, there are various delicious gluten-free dining options – from Italian food on Federal Hill to Peruvian and American eats downtown. You can find everything from gluten-free menus to dedicated kitchen spaces, and even entire facilities that are gluten-free. If you plan to visit the Providence area, your next gluten-free meal won’t be far away.

The view outside Costantino’s Venda Bar & Ristorante on Atwells Avenue in Providence. (photo: Jennifer Fitzpatrick)

For restaurants with gluten-free menus, try Flatbread or Uno Chicago Grill for pizza, Luxe Burger Bar and B.Good for burgers, or the Malted Barley for snacks such as beer and pretzels. Always ask questions to ensure your dining experience is safe and at the standard you require.

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