10 Tips for Terrific Gluten-Free Travel


Always do some legwork before you leave. Call your hotel to ask if a refrigerator and microwave are available. Check the Internet to find nearby restaurants that can accommodate the GF diet and stores that carry ­gluten-­free ­foods.


If you have a smart phone, investigate apps that help you find GF restaurants. If you find one you like, buy it ahead of time so you know how to use it.


Pack ­non-­perishable, ­easy-­to-­carry, nutritious items, such as nuts, protein bars, small bags of dried fruit or popcorn, or crackers for those times when there really is nothing else to ­eat.


If you are traveling by car, pack cereal, instant ­gluten-­free oatmeal, fruit, a loaf of ­gluten-­free bread and a small jar of peanut butter for easy breakfast and lunch options. Go Picnic sells boxed, ­non-­perishable meals for adults and ­kids.


If you will have a microwave and refrigerator in your hotel, pack a small cooler with frozen GF burritos, soup, ­ready-­made meals and some ­home­made quick cooking ­items.



Don’t forget a bowl, plastic wrap, sandwich bags and disposable utensils if you are doing any food prep in your hotel ­room.


In the airport, look for yogurt, salads, fresh fruit, grilled chicken, plain hamburgers and other ­gluten-­free ­standbys.


If you are traveling abroad, get dining cards that outline your ­gluten-­free needs in
the language of the countries you will be visiting. Free cards you can print or get as an app for your iPhone are available at ­celiactravel.com.


Even if you don’t see any ­gluten-­free items on a menu, ask. You might be surprised to find that in some foreign countries having ­gluten-­free staples, including bread, on hand is not unheard ­of.



If you are visiting family, bring ­gluten-­free pasta, bread, bagels, waffles and other items that you can simply substitute for the ­gluten-­containing parts of the meal.

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One thought on “10 Tips for Terrific Gluten-Free Travel

  1. These are some great tips! I travel a lot and agree with all of the above. One thing was left out, imo, find a local grocery store and buy your products there when traveling.

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