Eat your way through LA

Los Angeles is immense, so start small, with four neighborhoods known for their excellent gluten-free food, top-notch attractions and relative walkability.

A Gluten-Free Day in London Town

Of all the destinations where I’ve had the good fortune to celebrate the holidays, London is a clear winner. From…


Cruising the Christmas Markets in Germany

Eating gluten free in Germany can be challenging at times, but with a little careful planning, you’ll find safe options throughout the country.

Gluten-Free Dining in Chicago

From gluten-free donuts to the city’s trademark deep-dish pizza, there are many fabulous options for gluten-free dining in Chicago.

Gluten-free Dining in Myrtle Beach

You’ll find lots of choices for gluten-free dining in Myrtle Beach, from pancakes to pizza and lots in between.

Gluten Free in Nantucket

It’s easy to be gluten free in Nantucket, with many places that accommodate vacationers on the gluten-free diet.