‘Cook Once, Eat Twice’: Meal Planning with Chef Janet

Most of us don’t have the time cook meals from scratch every day. And when you’re gluten-free, eating out can be difficult, so finding a realistic way to eat in is a must. Learn how to put a twist on meal prep to make your meals satisfy all week.

Q&A With Emotional Eating Expert Heidi Schauster

Gluten-Free Living spoke with Schauster about her new book, Nourish: How to Heal Your Relationship with Food, Body, and Self. She answered questions on maintaining a healthy mindset with the gluten-free lifestyle, cultivating self-compassion, eating and exercising mindfully, predictions for 2019 and more.

Steps Toward Health in the New Year

At the same time, while maintaining a gluten-free diet is necessary for one’s wellbeing with celiac, it’s only one piece of a much larger health puzzle. Gluten free or not, everyone needs to focus on taking care of themselves. The new year just happens to present a natural time to think about everything from the connection between food and disease to making healthy lifestyle choices such as not smoking and exercising regularly. 

Realistic Healthy Habits For the Whole Family

Many find the goals they set for the New Year quickly dwindle as the year gets busy and we get back into our same bad habits and routines. To help with that, I’ve put together 7 hacks that you can implement with your family that will help guide you through the holidays and beyond.

Gluten-Free Baking Technique

With countless reasons to bake this holiday season, our gluten-free baking expert discusses the dilemma faced by bakers, pastry cooks and chefs.

Exercise Hacks for a Healthier Holiday

Even for people on a “perfect” gluten-free diet, exercise boosts overall health and well-being. And it’s particularly important at this time of year!

Your Essential Holiday Helper

Whether you are the only member of your family with celiac or hosting more gluten-free diners than not, the holidays should be about celebrating this season of joy. Just as you navigate the rest of the year gluten free, you can do the same during the holidays.

Be Our Gluten-Free Guest

How can you enjoy a holiday event without worry, and what strategies can you use to deal with family or friends who just don’t quite understand gluten free?

Top 5: Tips to teach gluten-free baking

Talk with your loved ones about gluten-free baking, including the safest utensils and your top brand picks. Jump-start the conversation with these five tips.