Cryotherapy for Celiac and Autoimmune Diseases

Some suggest that cyrotherapy, or cold therapy, can relieve many symptoms for those with chronic pain and autoimmune diseases like celiac disease. Since up to 50 million Americans suffer from autoimmune diseases, could this icy treatment be a solution?

Celiac in College: Talking to Peers about Celiac Disease

Navigating college life with celiac disease brings an entirely new set of concrete challenges, but there are also mental and emotional roadblocks during this period of transition. Read one college student’s thoughts and reflections on the role of celiac disease in her transition to college.

Bringing Gluten Free to Senior Communities

As interest in a gluten-free lifestyle grows, senior lifestyle communities are investing in the tools necessary to service this community. But what does it take to provide gluten-free meals to communities of seniors?

Keys to a Healthy Pregnancy with Celiac Disease

Pregnancy and celiac disease both call for extra considerations when it comes to nutrition. What if you fall into both categories? Do some of the needs overlap, and are there special nutritional issues that arise for pregnant women who have celiac disease? 

5 Gluten-Free Bedtime Snacks for a Better Night’s Sleep

We all know sleep is important, but too few of us actually get enough of it. Certain gluten-free foods contain nutrients that can make it much easier to fall asleep. Here are five gluten-free bedtime snacks to enjoy for a better night’s sleep.