Make Meals Fast: 3 Ingredients for Stress Free, Gluten-Free Eats

With autumn in full swing and holidays around the corner, it can be hard to find time to make quick, satisfying gluten-free meals and snacks. What might make cooking even harder these days is daylight savings time ending very soon. How then does one go about preparing fast and delicious meals and snacks?

I truly believe the key is experimenting and getting creative in the kitchen. The more creative I get, the more my gluten-free menu grows and the more choices I have for breakfast or that afternoon nibble. My creative approach is far from gourmet. Although I will say, it often feels gourmet when I sit down to eat.

What is my creative approach?

I make sure my fridge and pantry are stocked. My kitchen staples include lots of fruits and vegetables, proteins, and a variety of gluten-free carbohydrates ranging from bagels to pasta to crackers. I always have yogurt on hand and make sure that there is a prepared protein at all times in my fridge. It might be as simple as a hardboiled egg or it could be leftover steak. By having protein ready to go, I free up time to develop an idea without worrying about how much time it will take to make, say, chicken.

I like to think about the foods I enjoy eating. Then, I think about whether any of them might pair together well. By working in this way, I will often be surprised to find how foods I had never thought to combine, pair together quite well.


I never measure or cook with precision. I feel out the ingredients and figure out how much I might like or need. Some days the amount I use may differ from another. I am also flexible on ingredients. If I am out of one vegetable, I use a different one. The flexibility to try a new ingredient might make me realize I like the meal or snack better.

What do I do with my creativity in the kitchen? Here is a peek into my kitchen staples.

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