5 Tips for Hosting a Safe and Satisfying Barbecue for All

Time to fire up the grill and fill the air with the familiar scents of barbecue season. But beware: Even a cookout you are hosting can pose risks because of our mortal enemy, gluten.

And before you ask, yes, you should make wheat buns available to your guests. Why? Because gluten-free buns are expensive, and wheat buns are cheap. However, if guests want their wheat buns heated, offer to toast them in the oven or in a pan on the stove. Just keep them off the grill to avoid crumbs contaminating the grilling surface or falling on the meats while they are cooking.

Now that this major concern is settled, time to move on to other areas where gluten can drop in to ruin the fun, like condiments and marinades. Wheat should be prominently listed on the labels, so double check before using. Condiments can become contaminated by uninformed guests dragging a utensil used to dole out the condiment across their wheat-y buns and putting it back in the bottle. Chances are high there are wheat particles left behind.

Here are some tips and product suggestions to create the perfect summer barbecue for everyone.

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