Everyone’s Gluten-Free Journey Is Different

Everyone’s gluten-free journey to health looks different. Today, I want to share how my family’s health journey has evolved over the years and let you know that no matter how tough things may seem, you can do this.

Scary symptoms

Chanelle, my nine-year-old, was the first one in our family to be diagnosed with celiac. With her dramatically scary symptoms the doctors were convinced that she had cancer or kidney failure. It was a frightening time to say the least… I was truly gearing up for chemo or dialysis. However, after all of those tests came back negative, they eventually tested her for celiac. Sure enough, that was the answer and gluten was the culprit.

Since her diagnosis, my other daughter Sadie and I have been diagnosed with celiac as well. With so many of us  in the family with the condition, we have a 100% gluten-free household. It’s taken us years to find our gluten-free groove, but I can confidently say we have finally gotten the swing of things!

A turn in the road

Fast-forward to today, several years later, and our health journey has gotten a little more complicated. In addition to eating 100% gluten free, we have discovered several other foods we need to avoid to prevent various autoimmune flare-ups in our family, including dairy, eggs, and certain fruits.

These have been discoveries that we are still adjusting to, and I keep remembering that the discovery, diagnosis, and adaption processes are similar to what we experienced when we were first gluten free. It’s like we are starting our gluten-free life all over again, but with these other foods.


Questions, and more questions

I remember having a variety of questions when we were first diagnosed with celiac: What does a gluten-free pantry look like? How seriously do I need to take this? Will we still be able to enjoy eating? What can I cook for dinner? How do I know if something is truly safe? Are my kids going to suffer socially? And so many more!

I could go on and on… My list of questions about gluten-free living seemed never-ending. Now here we are, several years later, and I finally feel confident in leading a 100% gluten-free household! It took lots of trials and time to get there, but oh, how things have changed. That is why I created a complete program to living a happy and healthy gluten-free life! I want to share the lessons and tools I have learned so that you can create your ultimate gluten-free success story in a matter of a few months.

Gluten-Free Transformation Program

If you are new to the gluten-free world, I promise you that with the right tools and the right mindset, you can live an even better life. I know it seems daunting, but I am here to help! Go check out my Gluten-Free Transformation Program. This will take you step-by-step through a process to help live your best gluten-free life. I will teach you and coach you through difficult and unfamiliar hurdles.


I know how you feel, and I know how crazy a gluten-free lifestyle can get. Let me help you! (Join me on my page @glutenfreewithcoral on Instagram as well — I have lots of fun webinars and content planned in the next few weeks!)

Want more information about embarking on a gluten-free journey? Read “Where To Start On Your Gluten-Free Journey.”

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