8 Gluten-Free Delivery Services that Make Dinner Amazingly Easy

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Sometimes on crazy weeknights of work, school, extracurricular activities, study groups and more, it can be hard to fit it all in. You don’t have to sacrifice a healthy, hot meal, though. There are ways to spend less time in the kitchen cooking and washing dishes. Meal delivery services send fully prepared meals or just ingredients, which can usually be ready to serve in 30 minutes or less. There are also services that send fresh, organic produce or meat straight to your door, so grocery shopping is much simpler.

“Be sure the items are in fact gluten free, without wheat, rye, barley, malt or brewer’s yeast,” advised Nancy Patin Falini, MA, RDN, LDN, of meal delivery services. Some companies do have gluten-containing foods that share a kitchen, so it’s important to be conscious of potential cross contamination and how sensitive you are to gluten.

Falini advised making sure the menu is nutritious, such as carbohydrates that are rich in fiber, with nutrients and whole grains incorporated. Avoid menu options that consist of “primarily empty calories, [which are] also more likely to contribute to blood sugar irregularities,” she said.

“Strive to use services that may also provide other types of diets that are at least likely to involve gluten-containing ingredients, like Keto and Paleo,” Falini said.

Lindsey Yeakle, the Gluten-Free Food Service Certification Quality Control and Program Manager, suggests that “basically the same questions be asked of the meal delivery services that are asked in restaurants.” If the meal delivery service is not a dedicated gluten-free facility, it’s important to consider cross contamination issues that may arise.


“Generally speaking, the larger meal delivery services are following very strict manufacturing protocols, which means they are very stringent in details and policies,” Yeakle said. “Due to the fact that the larger companies are required to follow such strict policies, we would suggest using them unless a smaller, more localized company is certified or dedicated gluten free.”

These services are widely available, and, better yet, there are a growing number of gluten-free options out there, too. Here are our recommendations for meal and food delivery services that have gluten-free options.

1. Freshly

Freshly favors high-quality proteins, healthy fats and low-glycemic carbohydrates over processed ingredients, sugars and artificial sweeteners, and all its meals are gluten free. The refrigerated, fully prepared meals taste homemade (and include meals like Pesto Turkey Meatballs with Zucchini Noodles, Grilled Chicken Risotto with Spring Peas and Mushrooms, and Korean-Style Veggie Bibimbap with Brown Rice) and can be microwaved in minutes.


In addition to gluten-free meals, Freshly offers meals that are high in protein, low in carbs or calories, vegetarian, Paleo friendly, dairy free and more, so it’s easy to accommodate your family’s lifestyle with this meal plan.

Cost: All Freshly meals are portioned to one single serving, and, depending on the meal plan you choose, cost between $8.99/meal and $12.50/meal. To learn more, visit freshly.com.

2. Green Chef

Green Chef is the first national meal kit to receive Gluten-Free Food Service certification through the Gluten Intolerance Group for its certified gluten-free menus. The premium ingredients arrive at your doorstep pre-measured and prepped, which saves time. All you have to do is follow step-by-step instructions with photos, and dinner will be ready in 30 minutes.

Green Chef offers meals for many lifestyles, including Keto, Paleo and plant based. The gluten-free menu has mouthwatering options, including a Vietnamese Shrimp Bowl, Cumin-Spiced Steak and Grilled Chili-Lime Chicken Salad. The meals burst with flavor, and ingredients are USDA-certified organic.


Cost: Green Chef offers a family plan and a two-person plan, and the gluten-free plan is $11.99 per meal. To learn more, visit greenchef.com.

3. Veestro

Veestro meals come fully cooked, like Freshly’s, so little preparation is needed. The meals are 100% plant based and made with organic, preservative-free ingredients. Not all Veestro meals are gluten free, but it offers many gluten-free options and discloses all ingredients used on its website. Though Veestro strives to prevent cross contamination in its kitchen, it is not a certified gluten-free facility.

Veestro’s gluten-free meal options include Red Curry with Tofu, Enchilada Casserole and Lentil and Spinach Tangine. It also provides breakfast options, including Omelet Primavera and Oatmeal Breakfast Pie. The meals can be microwaved, but Veestro recommends heating them on a skillet for the best results.

Cost: If you choose to order 10 meals, they are as low as $11.70 per meal. To learn more, visit veestro.com.


4. Home Chef

Home Chef, a weekly subscription meal kit service, offers a variety of gluten-free meal options to cook in your home. The ingredients come pre-measured and prepared, and most of the recipes take less than 30 minutes to make. Home Chef meal options include Provolone-Stuffed Turkey Mini Meatloaves, Kung Pao Chicken Thigh Fried Rice with Red Bell Pepper and Peas, and Honey Butter Pork Chop with Parmesan Broccoli.

The allergens in Home Chef meals are clearly labeled, so you can choose weekly meals that do not include wheat, milk, fish, eggs, soy, peanuts or tree nuts, depending on your dietary needs. Home Chef is not an exclusively gluten-free meal delivery service, and though all ingredients are individually packaged, the facilities are not certified gluten free. Home Chef can save the time of going to the grocery store, finding new recipes, meal planning and portioning.

Cost: A meal with two servings is $19.90, while four servings is $39.80. Home Chef meal kits are also available in stores for different price points. To learn more, visit homechef.com.


5. The Good Kitchen

The Good Kitchen provides meals free of gluten, soy and sugar that are tasty and nutritious. The meals are ready to heat and eat in just three minutes, making hectic weeknights a snap. The company prides itself on its organic, sustainable and responsibly sourced meals, and the facility is 100% gluten free, peanut free and soy free. In addition, the company partners with farms and farmers who utilize animal welfare standards, and it seeks out those who practice regenerative agriculture.

The Good Kitchen dinner choices include Tandoori Chicken with Broccoli and Cauliflower, Shepherd’s Pie and Barbacoa with Rice and Black Beans. There are meal options that are Keto, low fat, Paleo, Whole 30 approved and vegetarian. The meals are crafted by a chef to ensure the food is as nutritious as it is delicious, and seasonal ingredients are used in each meal.

Cost: Pricing per meal ranges from $11 to $14, depending on how many are ordered at one time. To learn more, visit thegoodkitchen.com.


6. Sun Basket

Sun Basket’s gluten-free meal plan is made with its chef’s favorite gluten-free ingredients sourced from around the country. The produce is organic, the signature sauces are made in-house and the proteins are clean. The meals are high in protein, fiber and good fats. Though Sun Basket is not exclusively gluten free, it posts at least eight gluten-free options every week.

Sun Basket meals come (in recyclable or compostable packaging) with the ingredients and instructions and can be made in 30 minutes or less. Popular meals include Pork Chops with Mostarda and Wilted Greens, Salmon with Roasted New Potatoes and Green Beans, and Steak and Sweet Potato Frites with Kale and Mushrooms. Sun Basket ensures its gluten-free meals only use gluten-free ingredients, but they are processed in the same facility as meals that include gluten.

Cost: The cost varies based on how many meals per week you select and whether you choose the family or classic menu. The classic menu is $11.99 per serving. To learn more, visit sunbasket.com.  


7. Farmbox Direct

Farmbox Direct delivers fruits and veggies across the United States, bringing organic and natural produce straight to your home. The produce you receive varies each week based on what is fresh, local and in season. Farmbox Direct offers three different-sized boxes and the choices of a mixed produce box, all veggies or all fruit.  

In addition to boxes of fruits and veggies, Farmbox Direct offers “juicing boxes” that include the produce you need to create healthy, fresh juice in your own kitchen. For example, the Red Juicing Box includes apples, grapefruit, red beets, cucumber, ginger, kiwi, kale, rainbow carrots and romaine lettuce.

Cost: The all-natural boxes range from $43.95 to $53.95 based on quantity ordered. To learn more, visit farmboxdirect.com.



8. ButcherBox

To cut out the time you spend at the butcher shopping for high-quality meat, subscribe to ButcherBox to have premium meat delivered to your door. The boxes can be chosen by you or curated by ButcherBox and are perfectly packed and portioned for your needs. ButcherBox offers grass-fed beef, free-range organic chicken and heritage breed pork and has recipes to cook each on its website. The meat is free from added antibiotics and hormones and is humanely raised. We recommend letting ButcherBox curate your box for you, as it lets you discover new cuts of meat and explore possibilities you may not have tried.

More than 10,000 families serve ButcherBox in their homes for dinner, and the company takes pride in being “the neighborhood butcher for modern America.” The company also offers gift boxes, curated for the big game or your next dinner party.

Cost: The curated Butcher Box starts at $129 a month for a classic box, which makes 24 meals. To learn more, visit butcherbox.com. 

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