10 Gluten-Free Date Night Ideas

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, it’s time to get creative with a gluten-free date that works well with dietary restrictions. Dinner dates can be safely managed with dietary restrictions, but dates don’t always have to revolve around food. Here are some alternatives to dinner that take the focus off food so you can have a good time worry-free.

1. Bowl or play laser tag. This puts the focus on the activity more than the food. If eating is part of the plan, call ahead to see what the best gluten-free options are. If the pickings are slim, have something to eat before you go out and just order a safe snack and drink.

2. Take a hike. Bring a bag lunch and head for the hills. Your date will include safe food and lots of exercise, and you’ll have a natural flushed glow in all your couple selfies. Check out our favorite vegan, gluten-free snacks for hiking here.

3. Go on a picnic. If you live somewhere where it’s warm enough to eat outside, pack a picnic basket with gluten-free goodies and head for a sunny spot. You can people watch, bring your dog along and make daisy chains for each other.


4. Visit a museum. A museum can give you an opportunity to walk around and gives plenty of things to talk about. Many museums have coffee shops, and you can take a quick break and enjoy a drink.

5. Catch a movie. A lot of movie popcorn is gluten free, though you should check with the theater beforehand. Otherwise, gluten-free candy and snacks are usually available. Soft drinks are a safe gluten-free thirst quencher.

6. Make dinner at your place. With so many recipes available online, it’s easy to find a meal that should be manageable for two. Make a shopping list, hit the grocery store and head into the kitchen. You can light some candles and play whatever music you like when your dinner date is at your home.

7. Open mic or trivia night. Find a local bar that offers trivia night, open mic or karaoke and sign each other up. It may take you outside of your comfort zone but you’ll laugh together and have a good story to tell.


8. Play in the snow. If your winter weather doesn’t allow for a picnic, have a snow date with a snowball fight, snow fort, snowman, ice skating or skiing. Afterwards, you can warm up inside with hot chocolate and a blanket fort.

9. Take a class together. Whether it’s a class on painting, yoga, martial arts, pottery or improv comedy, you can learn something new together and have fun challenging yourselves.

10. Go to a wine tasting. Wine is gluten free, so you can enjoy it (and some cheese) while you find a new favorite.

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