Top 10 Gluten-Free Books for Kids

2. Joe Vs. the Ce-Monster: Health Stories for Kids: Celiac’s Disease

At the summer camp, Joe finds himself with a strange tummy growl. He goes to the infirmary and is diagnosed with Celiac Disease. He is now faced with an unknown foe: the Ce-Monster. However, he is willing to learn about it and fight it with that knowledge. Children who suffer from Celiac Disease learn they can lead regular lives like every other child… and eat as many chocolate sandwich cookies as he wants!

Available only on Kindle, this book is written by an MD candidate with his PhD in integrative biology and disease. This medical expertise combined with a playful story and endearing characters makes for an excellent read for kids.

An Amazon reviewer wrote, “Brian Wu has a real talent for interpreting a young child’s inner-dialogue and that is what makes this book so very helpful. Any parent of a child suffering from this food allergy should definitely pick up a copy of “Joe vs. the CE-Monster”. It will make their job so much easier.”

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