Gluten-free Camps

Photo © 2014 Camp Fire Green Country Here is a brief summary of gluten-free-accommodating camps in the United States and Canada…

Get the FACS

FACS class, which we called home economics or home ec back in the day, can be nerve-wracking for parents of gluten-free children. Learn how to make it educational, fun and safe for your student.


Does My Child Have Celiac Disease?

Testing is the place to start if your child is showing symptoms of celiac disease. Here’s what you can expect.

Development of Childhood Celiac Disease

The introduction of gluten into the diet and breast feeding were thought to influence the development of childhood celiac disease. But genetics are the key.

Getting Schooled in Gluten-Free Lunches

Spring and early summer is the time for parents to investigate a gluten-free school lunch menu for the new school year in the fall.