Kids’ Kitchen: The Best Thai Coconut Soup

Whether you have a cold, are craving some homemade soup or just really love Thai flavors, this Thai Coconut Soup is for you. The recipe has a lot of leniency, so it’s great to make as a beginner chef or with kids.

Don’t Get Insomnia From Sleepover Worry

Children’s sleepovers are a rite of passage, and the upcoming holiday break is a popular time for youngsters to spend the night away from home. Here are some tips to prepare your gluten-free child, the hosts and yourselves for the big overnight outing.


Gluten-Free College Students Living Off Campus

Living on their own teaches life lessons that help gluten-free college students successfully transition to being gluten-free adults. Use these tips.

Gluten-Free School Survival Tips

Our resident dietitian answers readers’ questions on following the gluten-free diet in school and during extracurricular activities.

Kids’ Kitchen: Gluten-Free Summer Rolls

Set up a summer roll bar and get everyone involved with this fun and delicious recipe for gluten-free summer rolls from Chopped Junior winner Maizy Boosin.

Hop To It!

Fun and safe ideas for your little one’s gluten-free Easter basket Knowing your child has celiac disease, especially this time…